Will Hartford Connecticut Become A Cannabis Medical Research Hub?

Mar 13, 2019 | Cannabis


Founded in 1635, Hartford Connecticut is one of America’s oldest cities. Mark Twain was active here—writing most of his classics and raising his family in the State’s capital.  A city that has seen the top—representing one of the wealthiest in the 19th Century until today where it struggles as compared to some of its’ neighbors. Tagged “the Insurance Capital of the World” if an enterprising local booster gets his way it will someday become “the Cannabis Research Hub of America.”

A local philanthropist active on a myriad of civic and economic fronts announced intentions to invest in a cannabis research center recently in the Connecticut Courant. Eric Zachs is on a mission to make Hartford the hub where independent scientific research center CT-CAN—will focus on promoting superior cannabis research as well as continuously raise fund for studies—including medical research. Zach wants no part of policy or advocacy nor does he want any connection to politics or for that matter, cannabis companies. Although brand news, CT-CAN recently held it first event co-sponsoring a medical cannabis seminar at UConn.