Site Watch—Concerns: Why have up to 150 Deaths at Heart Unit of St. George’s Hospital South London occurred in the past 5 years? This is a horrifying number of deaths in today’s day and age. TrialSite News notes that St. George’s Hospital is a research site for dozens of clinical trials. We do not claim that the hospitals heart surgery unit is connected to their research division however due to the reported number of deaths during a surgery we do place St. George’s Hospital on our Watch list.

As reported in The Sun, UK’s St. George’s Hospital Heart Unit has 150 reported deaths.

Doctors at St George’s Hospital, south London, expect some cases to be reopened after around 150 people died following heart surgery in the last five years, according to The Times.

Up to 150 deaths could be investigated amid a major review into heart surgery unit at St George’s Hospital in London

Bereaved relatives have asked Dr Fiona Wilcox, senior coroner for Westminster, to investigate the deaths. Families became concerned after an internal review reportedly found that surgeon rivalries had contributed to higher death rates.In a letter to St George’s, Dr Wilcox said: “I understand that from that report that difficulties in the department may have contributed to some post-cardiac surgery deaths.”

She added: “It may be that further investigations and inquests are required.”  A spokesman for St George’s said: “We have provided the Westminster coroner with the information she has sought and will fully co-operate with her. “We would emphasise that the cardiac surgery service is safe. The Royal College of Surgeons has stated that the treatment provided at St George’s is within the UK standard and has never been below this.

Source: The Sun

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