Who is Winston-Salem-based Javara Inc.?

Nov 23, 2018 | Blog

Javara Inc., founded in 2018 and based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, claims to be a “next generation integrated research organization (IRO).”  It was organized to “engage innovative research partnerships and deploy comprehensive research service offerings to healthcare systems.” Javara claims on its website that it will offer its healthcare partners “a more aligned, efficient, and effective solution to the challenges of patient inclusion in the ever-increasing complexity and cost of drug development.”

The company has 11 self-reported employees on professional network site LinkedIn including CEO Jennifer Byrne. Ms. Byrne was CEO of integrated site network PMG Research for 10 years. She departed PMG in 2017 for a brief year break before launching Javara (possibly waiting out a one year non-compete)?

In June, 2018 it announced via a press release its next generation integrated clinical trials platform. In the news release, Javara claims its platform will “drive innovative research partnerships, service, and technology offerings to healthcare systems including Accountable Care Organizations, Academic and Community-based systems.” Outsourcing-Pharma’s Melissa Fassbender reported in September 2018 that Javara signed a letter of intent “to design an operating model to integrate clinical trials at a medical center in Winston-Salem.” The goal of the collaboration appears to implement a collaborative model that can produce more patients for clinical studies based on the agreement with medical center.  It would appear that through its partnerships with medical systems such as Wake Forest Baptist Health, Javara’s Ms. Byrne is seeking to integrate clinical research programs as part of the continuum of care—perhaps opening more prospective patients for clinical trials.

TrialSite News research did a review some of the staff pedigree for this new venture. Again, CEO Byrne worked at site network for 10 years and undoubtedly learned a lot about research, patient recruitment and site management. She also must have developed many sponsors and CRO relationships as well. CFO Drew Domescik spent the last several years at top tier CRO PPD in corporate development positions. Not surprisingly, their Director of Clinical Operations Susan Donahue worked at PMG Research as Director of Quality Assurance for six years. Lori Whiteheart, head of Trial Activation also spent 10 years at PMG Research in contracts.

Ms. Byrne has put together an interesting collection of impressive, hands-on professionals to build what appears to be a competitor to her old firm PMG Research—which is an integrated network of clinical research facilities located in various areas around the country. They have been managing clinical trials since 1979 and claims to have access to nearly three million patients and to have conducted over 8,100 research studies. Undoubtedly, Ms. Bryne and her team have learned a great deal and will put that learning to work, working to optimize collaborative models for improved efficiencies, more patient participation, etc.

TrialSite News research suspects that Javara at this point is founder bootstrapped with perhaps some angel investor involvement. There has been no reported venture or third-party financings. We suspect the firm is still under 20 employees and well under $3 million in revenue (may even be pre-revenue).  However, we believe that this company will eventually succeed.

First, the founders/principals have tremendous experience working in the clinical trials industry via leading niche integrated site network. As the firm appears to only be a year old at the most it has already entered into letters of intent with considerable healthcare organizations. The founders and principals of Javara are the “roll up the sleeves” and execute type based on our review of their backgrounds. They clearly possess considerable expertise in the clinical trials process, patient recruitment, research site alliances, site activation, etc. We suspect that their growth in the first few years will be organic, but they may secure a few large deals that considerably propel their growth in the early days. We suspect that we will be reading more about Javara Inc. in the months and years to come about their growth and impact.



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