West Texas Doctor Bartlett: Is He on to a ‘Silver Bullet’ with Use of Off-Label Inhaled Steroid as COVID-19 Treatment?

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West Texas Doctor Flirts with Trouble Making Claims of ‘Silver Bullet’ Off-Label Use of Inhaled Steroid as COVID-19 Treatment

A local West Texas doctor believes he has come up with an approach to effectively treat COVID-19. Dr. Richard Bartlett has practiced medicine in Texas for 28 years, and according to his claims, he advised ex-Governor Rick Perry’s for several years. Dr. Bartlett does a regular weekly radio update on COVID-19 in West Texas. The doctor found himself in hot water for declaring that the treatment of inhaled steroid (ICS) Budesonide is a ‘silver bullet’ for treating COVID-19. TrialSite News responds with a few points here: First, the doctor knows all too well the politics and regulatory considerations of the U.S. healthcare system to make such claims. Second, he is not alone in considering this approach, as world-renowned universities such as England’s Oxford University are also studying this type of regimen. Third, as Dr. Bartlett is part of a movement of community doctors demonstrating practical potential approaches to reducing the severity of the pandemic, any real-world data should be embraced rather than ridiculed, and if promising, rapidly incorporated into research. Fourth, that certain societal forces will pounce on one mistake in messaging in an attempt to tarnish an entire real-world approach with promise, evidences just how politicalized health and medicine has become in the age of COVID-19. We advocate for a pragmatic approach to exploring economical, safe and available approaches, validated by a combination of clinical trials and careful analysis of off-label, real-world use alone and in combination with advanced biotech initiatives, such as the recent REGN-COV2 announcement. It will take a combination of flexible, dynamically-tailored solutions that may differ based on region, economy and society.

The Doctor

Dr. Richard Bartlett has practiced medicine in Dallas and in West Texas for over two decades. With past political aspirations, he had some past dealings with controversy having been investigated by the State Board for allegations of ordering unnecessary tests and procedures for several patients. Dr. Bartlett purportedly was selected some years ago by Governor Rick Perry to join a health disparities task force with a goal of exploring how to make health care available to all Texans. He apparently serves on health missions and appears to be a dedicated doctor to the cause of health care for all. He currently runs a weekly radio show with updates on COVID-19 in West Texas.

Mistakes Happen

It is a mistake to make a medical claim in the U.S. until the evidence accumulates to a point of clarity. However, that doesn’t mean that Dr. Bartlett’s approach isn’t potentially a possibility, and certainly it should be further explored if there is truth to it. Just because a mistake was made in how something is described doesn’t mean one should get publicly lambasted from all sides. 

In a recent interview, Dr. Bartlett suggests that low COVID-19 death rates in nations such as Taiwan, Iceland, and Singapore are due in part to the approach he employs for his practice. For example, in Taiwan, where there are 24 million people, only seven have died. That these nations have lower COVID-19 death rates is accurate according to the available online tracking systems. He includes Japan as another example, with over 120 million people, less than 1,000 have died. How could that be? Why do countries such as these have such low death rates? Bartlett suggests social distancing doesn’t work as well in Taiwan and Japan since these countries are incredibly densely populated. TrialSite News embarked on a preliminary review of his claims that these countries use his approach, and the evidence is miniscule. There is a dearth of literature on what he claims to be common place, which leads one to believe that the doctor may get ahead of himself and make exaggerations. But there are some interesting data points. 

Nascent Corticosteroid Evidence?

Dr. Larry Nelson, Chief Medical Officer of Midland Memorial Hospital, responded to Bartlett countering that there is no evidence for his claim. Dr. Wilson did, however, acknowledge the recent results from the RECOVERY trial where some steroids, such as dexamethasone, could be effective in helping with severe COVID-19 cases when administered orally or intravenously. But Wilson cautioned giving patients that are not that ill steroids could do more harm than good, as they have known side effects.

In a similar situation to the ivermectin scenario, while physicians apply experiments in the field in off-label use cases and encounter observed success, the fact that they are not done in controlled studies leads the medical establishment to reject them. This kind of challenge raises a difficult “chicken or the egg” scenario, as there is often not sufficient capital, resources nor human capital (e.g. talent) nor time to conduct such formal, controlled studies in the middle of a pandemic.

However, some research looks into this question. A group from England and Australia studied this treatment and suggests “there is some evidence to suggest that taking ICS (inhaled corticosteroids) may be beneficial in dealing with virus infections, specifically those due to coronavirus.” For example, they note that “Pre-treatment of human respiratory epithelial cells in vitro with budesonide, in combination with glycopyrronium and formoterol, has inhibitory actions on coronavirus HCoV-229 E replication and cytokine production.”

This group also points out that although not peer reviewed, ciclesonide blocks SARS-CoV-2 ribonucleic acid replication in vitro, and inhibits SARS-CoV-2 cytopathic activity, leading to speculation that this could reduce the risk of the development of COVID-19 or its severity. 

Dr. Bartlett suggested Japan uses ICS extensively, however according to the Halpin, et al the evidence for ICS treatment involves a “very low quality case series report” involving three patients with COVID-19 requiring oxygen but not ventilation post-ICS involving ciclesonide. 

In another report in the Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy, the authors notes three cases of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia successfully treated with ICS that persists in the lung. The authors acknowledge that greater study is required. Then there was the RECOVERY trial results out of the University of Oxford identifying the use of dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, as a way to reduce deaths associated with COVID-19 opens a pathway for pursuit involving a corticosteroid. In this study, the drug was administered orally or intravenously.

Patients Come to Doctor’s Defense 

Recently the doctor faced attacks from critics because again he made the mistake of declaring that the ICS approach was a “silver bullet” for the treatment for COVID-19. A local hospital, Midland Memorial Hospital, certainly disagreed, correctly stating “there is no such thing as a ‘silver bullet’ treatment for COVID-19.” However, as reported in News West 9, the doctor’s patients came to his defense, declaring the physician saved lives. According to this local news, the doctor has treated “well over a dozen patients,” and the success rate is purported to be 100%.

The STOIC Clinical Trial

As it turns out, TrialSite News reported on a significant clinical trial led by Queensland University of Technology and Oxford University, centering on assessing the effectiveness of inhalers (you inhale with a nebulizer and inhaler) as possible treatment for COVID-19. Called the STOIC trial, the patients are recruited at Churchill Hospital in Oxford, England. The investigators will evaluate the efficacy of inhaled corticosteroid therapy compared to the standard of care in participants in early COVID-19 illness. Of course, Budesonide is just another corticosteroid, so the doctor is not alone in considering this approach.


Dr. Richard Bartlett is outspoken. His claim about an approach to treating COVID-19 that can’t be proven with just a couple dozen treated is a bit hasty. He doesn’t have enough data yet to declare inhalable corticosteroids a “silver bullet.” That was an unfortunate slip. But the messenger may still be on to something noteworthy. After all, it turns out there is some research ongoing into this general class of treatment, evidenced most recently by the results of the RECVOERY trial out of the University of Oxford (albeit a different type of corticosteroid–one taken orally and intravenously).  

People want to have a savior, a knight in shining armor that rides in to save the day, and such a hero unfortunately hasn’t been able to take out the enemy of COVID-19. Rather, the scientific community should continue not only with vaccines and advanced biological approaches to killing off COVID-19 but also pay attention to doctors in the field, from West Texas and South Florida to France and Taiwan, to Peru and Bangladesh and consider that real world activities that may in some cases lead to some promising pathways. 

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  1. Glen W Goldie

    This is a reasonable approach to Dr. Bartlett’s claims. We all want to believe in a silver bullet, but there have been countless proclamations regarding silver bullets for diseases throughout history. At the same time, we are woefully slow in testing potential treatments due to regulatory issues and political considerations. Patient testimonials are highly valuable. The good doctor might be premature in pronouncing budesonemide as a cure. However, thus far, no testimony has come forward to claim that it did not work for them. All it will take is one patient to cast aspersions on his claim. That would mean it wasn’t a 100% cure rate then, would it not? Again… this has not yet happened.

    • Brandon

      His own testimony refutes his claims. Taiwan and Japan have a 1.6 percent mortality rate and he claims they are using his treatment there. If his cure was true than nobody would have died in those countries. He is making a false claim for both the cure and that they are using the budesonide treatment there.

      • Jim

        LOL, maybe you should stay home and crawl under a rock.. I guess if any doctor came out and said they had something that might help you would say, no doctor I am going to wait it out! I have never seen so many people in huge doubt mode. No different than this place, it blog.. Lets just spend all of our time disproving anything that “might” help. We are in Virus mode, anyone with a decent science background is going to try anything that is approved medication that might help. Once again the NIH is waiting to do this on train wreaks, train wreck patients = bad outcomes for any product used!

        • Tom

          Well said, funny that no one can disprove that this works.

          • Sandra

            Agree!! Unreal!! I would try his method!!❤️😊🙏😊Sa

          • Susan sarapin

            In science, you first must prove that it does work in a significant percentage of those treated.

          • Steven Mccaleb

            I think the trestment makes perfect sense the virus attacks the lungs and the treatment puts the fire out!

          • All about storage @yahoo.com

            It works, my Doctor is using the same approach in California!

          • sbarker

            I would be in line to try it if I came down with COV-id.
            The hospitals are denying his claim because his treatment costs less than $200. That means they are not having to go hook up to a $3,000 per day ventilator.

        • Jean Van Houten

          Thank you! Why does everyone want to squelch the HOPE there might be a cure? We all need hope right now.

          • Roxanne Kribbs

            Exactly!…I wrote the name down and if I or someone that I know happens to get Covid, I will demand that’s what I want to be treated with!…

          • Sandra


          • Mark

            Because the doctor has no way to know if inhalers will harm others. There has been no controlled clinical trial in a broader population. And there are patients who need inhalers for other things. Potentially creating a shortage of inhalers by getting people excited about this without real evidence could deprive those patients of something they desperately need. This happened to patients with lupus when people were claiming hydroxychloroquine would work.

        • Cathy Reichel

          Could anyone direct me to a doctor in Central Florida who is practicing doctor Bartlett’s treatment?

          • RW

            I know my good friend went to urgen care here in Galveston, TX and the doctor prescribed budesonide breathing treatments and she is much better! My brother and his friend had it and bought the allergy nasal spray with budesonide in it and got better. That’s 3 people I know PERSONALLY. When I tried to put this out on some social media sites, I was lambasted as passing out false information; I can’t believe the negativity and hatefullness against those of us with hope, and ME personally KNOWING 3 people that were sick and are now better and NOT in hospitals! God bless you! Any doctor should be able to prescribe this, I even emailed my internist to tell HIM about it, in case he had patients he wanted to help. Like someone else said, Dr. Bartlett’s patients were 100% better!

        • Dr David Golden

          This category of drugs might work, especially on those patients with hyper-immune responses

          • Lana Shields

            Think about it…the American Medical Society, hospital, doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t want a simple solution. There are millions of dollars to be made and if the pandemic is quelled what would the Democrats have to be miffed about?

          • Dave

            What do you think of the tests done with inhalers vs. the 5 min nebulizer treatment advocated by Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD.? It seems to be a critical difference to me.

          • Bonnie

            I wish we could show the errors when FDA etc test stuff they don’t want passed. Wrong dose trialed. Give at end of life instead of beginning of illness. Then they say nope didn’t work. Sometime the doses at like 10 x the amount to be given. We need a way to show this stuff to the lay person!!! So much politics and money involved they can’t dare show the truth. It sickens me. I worked NICU for 30 years! Gave pulmacort to preemies frequently! If Trump mentions it may work it’s doomed. Like the hydroxychoriquin. Used it for years till he said it works.🥴

          • Jeff Gieseke

            Dr.Golden,I am intrigued by your comment for two reasons.First,I have M.S. and Dr Bartlett’s method is what I authorized my Dr’s to employ,if ill.Second,I am publishing a youtube video and would like to interview you for my report on how this is being censored and debunked,instead of disseminated to the public.My cell is 661 803 7269

          • Barry Ripley

            Kill the cure! We need to keep the economy shut down. We can’t let Trump have a good economy.

          • Brenda Forbes

            I agree, I have a son with Asthma and when he gets a virus his breathing treatment w/albuterol makes all the difference. It needs to be the nebulized form that goes deep into lungs. Puffer offers about 10% penetratation vs liquid steroid nebulizer breathed in for 5-10minutes. That is the KEY!! Injected or pill VERY different delivery systems with much less lung impact.

        • rob Diamond

          we need to be more open -minded and try these drugs that are ALREADY approved for other issues and if they work in the field–why not? There are forces trying to keep us masked and fearful and trying to make Big Pharma profits from the vaccine –which we might not even need at all–if this really works as Bartlett proposes. I, for one, would give it a try!

          • ben

            Dr. Proctor of McKinney, TX (youtube) among others are pointing out that the outpatient treatment through family doctors were hugely successful with hydroxychloroquine as a part of their regimen. Hundreds of patients cured, no side effects. FDA steps in and forbids the use of hydroxychloroquine for covid19 citing heart problems. The heart problem is with the FDA not the treatment. Will FDA do the same with inhaled corticosteroids? You bet they will. Better get well while you can before FDA outlaws what you need.

          • Christopher Nagle

            Lana Shields,
            What do the democrats have to do with this disease ? You sound like a trumper !!

          • Dave

            I would give it a try in a minute instead of some vaccine that may take several doses and have more severe side effects with each dose taken! No guarantee with a vaccine, just like flu vaccine only forty percent.

          • Jim

            No. There’s no “we”. If the doctor wants to move this forward he needs to initiate a real study and evaluate the results objectively. He’s a doctor. His first responsibility is to do NO harm. His own practice is one thing, but he has no evidence to promote this more broadly. It doesn’t REALLY work. Nobody is stopping him from trying to obtain that evidence, but he can’t cut corners by making it political and getting the non-scientific public worked up. There are always potential consequences like a run on drugs that other patients need for other things.

          • Bob McPeak

            Dr. Bartlett claims that Senator Cruz and President Trump has his paper on his treatment to cure COVID-19. I feel like these two are looking for a cure as well as a vaccine and will push this through even if no one is going to get rich. They seem to be honest politicians that care about the people of the USA. Isn’t that unusual. I will be waiting to hear something on Fox News or Blaze.

        • Jindy

          It’s like Police getting a tip on a missing person. If they try to follow all the 10,000 leads without some preliminary sifting, they will not be able to follow through properly on #876 which happened to be the right clue. Get it?

          • Fran Bowen

            Maybe Dr Bartlett can go to Start County Texas where the elderly and others not expected to live were sent home from the hospital. Bet they’d like for him to come see them. God help us

          • TrialSite

            Dear Fran,
            We certainly encourage something to help our elders. What is happening in the U.S. and other places such as Canada is absolutely shocking. These are our grandparents or parents. These are people that did everything they were supposed to do; they worked hard, played by the rules and contributed to the nation. In many cases they are vets that helped keep the nation free. They raised families and helped bond communities. They dutifully paid their taxes in exchange for what they expected was not some glamorous or luxurious life, but just a decent, relatively comfortable existence during old age. Well how do we thank them?

            It is absolutely disgusting what is happening to our elders in America. And we see no movement for them; little outcry or care in the major media at least. We should all be protesting, writing congress, whatever it takes to make some noise to start figuring out ways to better protect the most vulnerable in our society–far more than the children when it comes to this absolutely horrific invasive pathogen. You want to know a cynical point of view? We have even more information on what’s going on. We might just write about it.
            Fran, we appreciate your kind heart, spirit and empathy for our grandparents. We share in your concern that God save our elders.


        • Peg Myers

          I so agree with you! Another treatment I know of has great possibilities! Check out Dr. Robert J Rowen in California re ozone therapy! He has been censored a lot on facebook and google because of his success with his ozone treatment, another rather inexpensive way to handle this virus. Pharma shuts him down, but he keeps trying to get his message out. If any of our family gets the virus, I will be looking for nebulizer and/or ozone treatments!

      • Grace

        A person should take the treatment in the beginning of having symptoms. The patients who died in Taiwan and Japan probably took the treatments late. Taking action early is the key. I believe Dr. Bartlett stated to take antibiotics and zinc as part of the treatment. Maybe the patients in Taiwan and Japan didn’t take all things the doctor spoke about.

        • Sheila Markanson

          Exactly ‼️

          • Wayne Williams

            It’s all about money power and politics a little doctor in Texas out smarting the big boys alot of pride at stake

        • Adam

          I fully support the doc! No big money is a death nail for the drug companies and also thwarts billions for those seeking reward. This guy is putting it out there publicly and saying you can get it anywhere. Drug companies put out ads all the time w MORE than EXTREMELY QUESTIONABLE CLAIMS. Not just QUESTIONABLE BUT DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS. The scientific community overall has it’s collective heads so far up their asses being the “gatekeepers” of cures, they would stretch it out for 20 years doing their damn trials.

          Give me a puff!

          • Robert

            Right on Adam! well said. Totally agree!

        • Gina

          I agree. The key is early treatment.
          I was researching Covid treatments in Tawain and their death rates. Absolutely nothing was ever mentioned concerning any treatment. Only social distancing etc. I was curious to find out who wrote the article. Ezekiel J Emanuel, member of the Biden for President Public health advisory committee. 😳.

        • Joyce Frwasier

          I have a friend that she and her husband both had the virus. They used the Budesonide. My friend has asthma. She said her o2 dats never went below a 92. She swears by Budesonide as a treatment.

        • Joanna B

          Dr. Bartlett also said to take the drug using a nebulizer rather than the inhaler.

          • Rocky

            Yes my Doctor in Manhattan Beach, Ca is doing the same with great results!!!!

      • Mike

        Not necessarily true, Brandon. You obviously haven’t considered the possibility that the 1.6 percent that have died may not have received this treatment. Just because they are using his treatment there doesn’t mean that everyone with the virus has received it.

      • John M. Fletcher

        Brandon, you are a mathematical idiot!

        Check the Johns Hopkins World Covid dashboard for the numbers as reported by DR. Bartlett

        • James Rodriguez

          my parents are using it! 90 and 84 in Oct! They are doing very well! can the hospitals say that?
          They force oxygen into old people lung and are killing them with pneumonia and calling cause of death Corona!

          • Nancy

            Thank you
            We need more doctors who stick to the science and not bend to the political mob!

          • Krishna Vadi

            I am from India. Consulted with a Doctor.
            Am told that steroids compromise the immunity severely.
            Perhaps that is why Dr Richard Bartlett prescribes antibiotics along with this steroid treatment.
            Is it clear that he has successfully treated more than a 100 patients and not a dozen or so as some people writing in here are saying?

          • Charlie

            How are they doing now?

        • Dr R J Ram

          We all know prevention is better than cure .Dr Bartlett approach stand to reason that giving steroid inhalation would nip in the bud whatever inflammatory build up happen in the lungs which is the main cause of the death.when the disease process is already full blown nonintervention might be enough to save the life.I do not know why people axe hope terming anything useful as hoax.I think it is due to overall negativity.

        • david kreucher

          Start Using Dr. Bartlett’s Method At Once, In Every Possible Hospital Or Nursing Home Possible.

        • Marcia Rutherford

          Dr. Bartlett said that in Japan and Taiwan they were using a different corticosteroid than he uses. He stressed that the other meds and supplements given along with it were important. Maybe silver bullet was overstated, but if all his patients got well, how can you argue with that. He made public the treatments so any doctor should be able to get it and evaluate it for his/her patients. Early intervention is also important.

          • Rocky

            My Doctor in California is using the same Medicine with dozens of covid19 patients including his own Daughter!

        • Charles Gray

          President TRUMP has had information for several weeks. Why hasn’t he mentioned it? It appears message is “ Don’t do anything to stop spread, let everyone get virus and then treat 20% with steroids. Will public buy this approach?

      • Enrico Santos

        The 1.6 percent mortality rate includes all those who have been and have not been treated with
        Budesonide. Of course there will have some mortality because those people died before they use Budesonide. The low mortality rate can be attributed to the use of Budesonide.

          • Romy

            There are small-town Texas drs diing great things in Tx w 100% success rates. Ivette Lopez in Garlsnd using hydroxychloroquin…iwas couldnt say one word w/o gasping and in 30 minutes of hydroxy, shots of b12, steroid, antibiotic I felt INCREFIBLE relief. She issues rx and a very strict dietary protocol og zero carbs/zero sugars to get sugar scores less than 100, so as not to feed virus. There is another Dr Lopez in south Tx McAllen who has a covid tent outside clinic. Patients are assessed in car an drive off w rx…no hospital!!!. There is Dr Neeley in Devine who uses high dose melanin, also on folks who are very high risk and very sick and other drs in east tx using budesonide, also w great reviews on very ill and folks w great duccess. I say cities in crisis sre losing out failing to TRY these on everyone who seeks treatment…God forbid we actually alleviate hospital crisis and deaths that should never be! Worse that can happen is nothin!

        • Ruth

          Thank you for this link. It’s about 46 minutes and very interesting. I would have liked for them to have discussed the medications they used as well to enable them to keep the deaths so low.

      • Michael Montgomery

        Simply put, maybe those who died did not not get the treatment.

        • Romy gomez

          Melatonin, not melanin…correction on Dr Neeley. So for all te type-o’s, i cant quite see the very small print

      • Peter

        Can you show how you get the 1.6% mortality rate, please?

      • Carlis Duncan

        The good doctor has had a 12 out of 12 success rate and I am sure that if you were one of those 12 you would be praising him instead of trying to put him down to bureaucrats are all the same blah blah blah blah blah he almost want to see the sad side and you can’t see the good side you got to see the big truck big pharmaceutical the big bug hottest paid $314 for a antibiotics to put in my ear that’s a big problem because it’s off label and don’t cost a fortune are you going to stock in that company or something dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have been publicly big Pharma companies

      • Dana

        According to the internet, Dr. Bartlett is spot on. 7 deaths in Taiwan & less than a 1,000 in Japan. How do you know he’s making a false claim? He said they’re using inhaled steroids, maybe not budesonide but another inhaled corticosteroid. China won’t let Taiwan tell the rest of the world exactly what they’re doing but Dr. Bartlett May know because he has a dr. friends in Taiwan or is privy to their preventive measures.

        • Michael

          One has to also look at the number of cases. They’ve only had 24k cases, and fewer than 1000 deaths. Japan’s IFR is 4%. Pretty much the same as the rest of the world. The US is at 3.83 million cases and 143K deaths. 4.8%. While this news is encouraging, it’s not a magic bullet.

      • Al

        Wrong, Brandon! He said they were using his treatment there. No one with an ounce of common sense would assume that means that everyone has been given that particular treatment and everyone is benefitting from that particular treatment. To assume so is asinine!

        • Derek

          OMG you people are morons. Taiwan only had 445 cases! CASES! What this guy is saying is that his inhaled steroid cures Covid once you’ve contracted it. He never says it prevents you from catching it in the first place. So explain how a ‘country of 24 million’ only had a measly 445 cases total? Could it be that they were doing stuff like contact tracing and strict quarantining instead of hoping for miracle cures?

          • Mike

            Probably not Derick.

          • Anne

            Good point. We live in a free country and when told to use preventative measures people start crying. Also Taiwan and Japan close their countries immediately.

        • Alexis

          Honestly, this article tells you how to feel about his claims, which I believe that his treatment is helping because I live in west texas and see what’s happening. Wake up y’all, stop letting the news tell you how to think.

      • Carolyn Tiner

        So if Dr. Bartlett had said, He might have discovered a silver bullet for fighting Covid-19, everything would be ok. I bet those 12 or so patients he saved think it is a silver bullet—sounds like some scientists aren’t willing to accept this bc it hasn’t been scientifically proven.. WHAT?? 12 lives saved???? We signed releases for a cancer drug when our child was 5, and he is 42 now…Do scientists want to save lives??? Some people trust their DOCTORS more than scientists—it should be our choice if we choose and trust the doctor, not some scientists that we don’t know…..Carolyn Tiner

        • Wynand

          If the proof is in the patients, then this doctor did the world a favor, but there obviously are people who would not want that, then they couldn’t make money. I live in South Africa, and you do not know the clowns in power here. They think the population are their children, and can order us into our houses, like “Jimmy, go to bed” In real life they are nothing more than thieves, I don’t smoke, but there is a ban on cigarets, a ban on alcohol, you can put 12 to 14 into a taxi, which are only suppose to take 10, but you can’t visit your brother. I beg you doctor, proof these arseholes wrong

      • Paul Hoekstra

        Does anyone actually believe that any of the vaccines in development will actually do better ?

      • M

        Sorry Brandon, # 1 just because something is in use in a country doesn’t mean everyone gets it or takes it. .#2 Dr. Bartlett said they were using a different corticosteroid in Taiwan and Japan than he was using. Time will tell as trials are already underway but the low deaths in Taiwan, Singapore and Japan and Korea show they are on the right path. Quite a few US doctors now using this and other steroids successfully. While the death rate/per case is plummeting in the US , it is still worthy to test. Dr Bartlett has serious credentials not some back woods practitioner and I bet far, far, far more knowledgeable about this subject than our expert Brandon or the writer of this article.

      • Dave

        1. Your claim that Taiwan has a 1.6 percent mortality rate is BS. I just looked up current deaths from COVIT 19 in Taiwan and it is still 7.
        2. Taiwan has a asthma rate of 11.4% of the population due to air pollution. The study I viewed was from 2011, I doubt it got better because the study was showing an increase year to year.
        3. Your claim that Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD. is making a false claims for both the cure and that they are using the budesonide treatment there is systematically FALSE! as it is commonly used throughout the country. The idea that they wouldn’t use it for difficulty breathing is highly flawed.

      • Stephen Lester

        They might have found this after some deaths. Think outside the box.

      • Ben

        He didn’t say it was a 100% effective “cure” for all people. Don’t strawman his argument.

        • Marc Robinson

          How many people have the guts to be a test rat? 1000, 2000, 3000 people getting Coved on purpose! One large group for hydroxy, one large group for corticosteroids, one large group for each country’s answer from research on vaccines . Isreal has a vaccine in the lab designed to cover Coved19 and any new strains on the way.
          (I would hope)people will volunteer to be world lab rats. Medical predispositions can be known beforehand giving even greater knowledge. Use all ages. Get it done. Stop the guessing. Problem is … in the US any results would get politicised and covered over. The answers are already here … but somehow we’ll mess that up too. America has turned into a nation of whiners and dividers instead of a free nation united to lead the world back to health. We are successfully treating patients right now for Coved19 and somehow no one is listening. Remember the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69?The big term back then was, let it “burn itself out.” And it did. The seasonal flu seems to be weather based. But these other”sars type” like Coved seem to burn out as the anti-body population grows to a sizable proportion of the population. People with strong immune systems (like kids) had very few deaths back in 1968. Nothing was shut-down in 1968. It just burned out. 150,000 died in the US. Mostly old and the compromised … but there was no tech whatsoever…. but it’s the same now …we have the answers but no one is moving on it. Thousands have died each year from the seasonal flu … but no one is even concerned with it. The point is “Use all treatments that help”. Stop being scared. In 1968 we didn’t have all this wonderful technology. So, let’s stop stifling ourselves and get it done. Yah, there is always risk, but the rewards are a big good-bye to sars type flu and their unborn strains. If we close down our economy, there will always exist a population that is infected. It will just restart. Let it burn itself out or use the treatments while the vaccines are on the way. The vaccines should cover any new strains … read what Israel is working on. But get started, now!

          • robert shortz

            theres plenty of “test rats” already out there. symbicort is a drug prescribed for COPD, budesonide is one of the ingredients. I’ve been taking it for a few years. living in S Florida I hope it works.

      • Susan

        Don’t you see what’s going on? They will never admit that a Doctor in Texas might of found a treatment for patients with COVID19. Its all political if someone from a University of Technology came up with this medication as a treatment then they would go along with their decision without a second guess. However because a regular doctor finds that this treatment helped patients they say he’s jumping the gun and try to discredit him. You watch in a few weeks one of these Universities will say they’ve found the treatment not Dr. Bartlett.
        If any of my family get sick I will be demanding that my doctor prescribe this treatment. I will try anything before it’s to late and they are stuck on a ventilator with a 10% survival rate.

        • Nancy Marshall

          They say that this treatment is not proven and tested, but what they’re doing now isn’t either!
          They are taking a shot in the dark on patients and calling it medicine!!

      • James Rosinbum

        100 percent of his patients survived. I believe that speaks for itself.


        You my friend are part of the problem. You continue to follow the medical board run doctors the follow the narrative of your government & Pharmaceutical companies. SMH They don’t give to shits about you, your kids or your family…! They are run by greed and you you appear to follow greed. Good luck on taking something that is poisonous to your body but follow the leader right to hell. Lol…


        He did not claim that Japan had a 100% survival rate using this protocol. He said among the patients he has treated, he has had 100% recovery.

      • Stephi

        He did not claim that every person with Covid 19 in those countries were treated with budesonide.

    • Harry

      What a negative article… The entire country is waiting (and dying according to CNN) for some experimental, likely unsafe, Fauci vaccine to be released in 6 months… Dr. Bartlett is claiming 100% results with more than 100 patients that he’s personally treated since March 2020 with a drug that has been around for 20+ years and is so safe it is administered to premature babies. Quit trying to find fault and investigate his claims with hope and optimism. Start with the 100+ patients. Push for other hospitals to start using the protocol, it is going to be safe the only question, is it as effective as the doctor suggests… Even if it is 90% effective that’ll be much more effective than Tony Fauci’s Remdesivier… Trialsite is flirting with being labeled Fake News by obviously carrying water for the vaccine industry.

      • Al

        Right on, Harry. Such attempts to discredit him and his treatment is common, though, and that is why we have pills that cost as much as $100 each and treatments that cost thousands per day. Big Pharma will pay anyone to write a negative article about a discovery that diverts dollars from their bottom lines. I have no doubt that his treatment is 100 percent effective and can assure all that I would be at his office seeking such treatment if I were to contract the virus. Another MD near Dallas (McKinney, TX), Dr. Brian Procter, has been treating patients with the inclusion of hydroxycloroquine at a cost of less than $50 per patient with 100 percent success. He has treated more than 75 patients and says that he has a colleague in Dallas who has used the same treatment on more than 350 patients with 100 percent success. I am reminded of the many home remedies we used when I was a youngster and proudly salute both Drs. Bartlett and Procter for their ingenuity and courage to step out front and share their conclusions.

      • Mark

        Well said. Thank you

      • Mike

        Thank you! I’m so sick of all the negative people actually trying to disprove a positive treatment! What is wrong with all you vicious people? The good Dr is trying to tell others about his success so others will use. So it can help others. We don’t need a dangerous vaccine that may “harm 700 million” !


        Well said. It’s discouraging to see the press twist what he has said and not see the bigger picture of hope and possibility.

    • Stan Osburn

      I have COPD and have been using 3 inhalers. 1 is Budesonide. It is a regimen that I take daily (2 puffs twice a day). I believe I may have had Covid in December as my wife and I are in Malaysia and she had contact with several contractors from China. I had developed a sore throat and the next day it was down in my chest. Very severe cough and so bad at one point I nearly decided to go to the hospital. Because I have COPD it can cause a regular cold, chest congestion, or flu leave me with a lingering cough that could go on for weeks. This particular cough went away in 5 days. As severe as it was, I was shocked that only lasted that short time. My wife also got sick and does not use inhalers of any kind and was sick for weeks with the cough. Of course, we had no idea about Covid until it became a pandemic in January. I would strongly suggest if anyone knows anyone who has been confirmed covid-19 to see a doctor and demand a prescription for the inhaler. This is the second time I’ve heard about the success of Budesonide in treating Covid-19 and I don’t question as to why it has not been widely publicized. Same with hydrochoroquine, another affective treatment being brushed aside and the media push for vaccine’s and other expensive treatments like Remdisiver, it’s all about delaying the recovery from the pandemic and affecting the 2020 elections. This needs to go viral and be completely exposed to where the medical industry has to confront this with reasonable scrutiny and if it’s valid, push for it to be used, or prove that this is all hype otherwise

      • Dana

        FANTASTIC WHAT YOU WROTE!!! So true! 👍

      • Anthony Evans

        I too have COPD
        I am on Symbicort inhaler. It contains budesonide. I too use 2 puffs twice a day.
        I seem to be developing symptoms of covid-19. Swollen lymph nodes in throat, a cough, fatigue, I am worried. Going for test tomorrow. Any thoughts ?


        Please note: DR Barnett specifically says to use a nebulizer vs an inhaler. There is a difference
        I’m glad you are well

    • Susan Haynes

      This doctor couldn’t be more correct in his assessment of using this steroid as well as Clindamycin. I have used this treatment on people with severe lung problems. And it worked. We are the number one nation in the entire world who has lost as many patients to Covid. India with 323 billion people lost 25,000. We have 332 million and have lost 138 thousand. Number one in the world for great medical care? And if you don’t know a vaccine can’t be effective for this virus because it is constantly mutating well you should talk to the scientists that do know It’s quite obvious to me there is an agenda out there or else we need someone in the medical field who won’t make us look pretty bad in to all these other successful countries. This doctor and many more that do have an answer are constantly put down for a reason. They want to push a vaccine. Otherwise Fauci who got a patent on this virus in 2017 could not become the richest man on the planet. It’s common knowledge. Who in the world gets a patent on a virus 3 years before it becomes a pandemic. Why is America the leading country in deaths, all of a sudden we are the worst country in the world for medical care? Our try again the second time mandatory masks because they didn’t work the first time. Are definitely going fix this virus. If they are going to stop the spread of this virus this time then I want to demand the CDC and all Hazmat teams wear nothing but these masks. Instead of that they make fun and ridicule a brilliant man that actually has the answer . That’s why we are number one in deaths. It’s, we have to research it. Meanwhile thousands more can be added to their list. Everything is labeled as Covid. My granddaughters face was swollen. The doctor said it was probably Covid. She wouldn’t take the test so he told her he wouldn’t give her any antibiotics. He was going to if she took the test. So she left. She didn’t have any fever just her swollen jaw. We finally got some meds from family members. It turned out she had a wisdom tooth infection. These doctors don’t need an education now because if your head falls off it’s Covid. And if we just wear these masks and hide in our homes we will all become immortal.

      • Carolyn Tiner

        Excellent response!! I agree !!!!



      • Brenda Forbes

        100% true, please re-read response above. It all checks out if you do some research on non-sensored sites.

    • Karen Herriott

      This may be too simplistic, but if I have symptoms and test positive, and go to the hospital, they are going to send me home with Tylenol, right? Tylenol treats the symptoms, correct? Has there been any “randomized, double blind” testing on how effective Tylenol is for treating Covid? Maybe, but I haven’t seen them. Tylenol has been around for a long time and is deemed a safe treatment. How is that different from ICS that has been around for a long time and deemed safe, but hasn’t been tested for use with Covid? Both treat symptoms.

    • David Smith

      My question is: Will all you “By the Book” skeptics praise Dr. Bartlett when his Silver Bullet is proven to be the Real Deal?
      What about all those people who have nothing to lose, are you going to prevent them from being treated with a breathing treatment using Budesonide just because it doesn’t have FDA and Dr. Fauci approval?

    • Jerry Aggson

      I would say 10 out of 10 successful treatments leads me to at least try this regimen if I were to contract the covid-19! Thank you Dr Bartlett for speaking up about your success!!!

    • R Koreck

      Called Bill Gates and Soros to form a scientific co. That needs Fauci for fact that conflict of interest for gates and soros that traded publicly without selling one product.

    • Raul Gonzalez

      I’m not a Dr. For best results treat COVID 19 in the beginning of the disease. Why wait .

    • Geri Wiese

      It may not be a perfect remedy but it is certainly worth more consideration and the CDC needs to check it out! Listen to other colleagues in the medical field besides those in the CDC as there are many brilliant medical people who care desperately about their patients and are working towards their healing! I praise Dr Edwards for his heartfelt dedication towards the health of his patients and America!

    • Vickie Epperson

      Thank You Dr. Bartlett. I pray that God uses you mightly and combat the lies n of all those that biased and not willing to use this as a truth and healing. What weapons are formed against will be demolished in the name of Jesus.

    • Stephen S

      In addition to the discussion of the success rate which was admittedly a small sample, I also found the discussion of mutations of the virus interesting. And, it makes me wonder about any vaccination and the effectiveness against many, many mutations. Publicity and monetary motivations involved?

    • David

      DR. Bartlett has more than just a couple people being cured with the use of Budesonide and other Steroid inhalers for asthma directed toward Fuaccis covid19. It has been proven and the numbers are more accurate than any CDC numbers or health department. I myself checked other countries stats on this method used and cure rates and it is almost 99%. There isn’t anything remotely close to being affective brought forth by the non doctor Fuacci, Gates the depopulationist, or anyone else. HydroxichloriQuine used and discredited by globalist and media would probably be second to this. You can stick your vaccine you know where becuase you will not have enough history of it to prove it is safe. My question is Why was there a U.N. excercise funded by Gates in 2019 called EVENT201, and how did Fuacci know and tell everyone that The Trump administration would be faced with a Viral Pandemic? can anyone explain that.? Why was Fuacci given 3,7 million dollars given by Obama to bring this study of Covid19 to Wuhan? For what Purpose?

      • Rhonda

        And THAT is the question I would like answered. So many specifics written years ago that have now come into play… “an airborne respiratory virus that must occur before the end of 2020 and cause massive destruction to the economy.” Oops. I am getting off topic.

    • Judy

      Dr Bartlett, I understand, said use this TX via inhalation, not orally or IV. Besides, my money is in him because there was a divine revelation here. Please work with him. What do we have to lose? People are dying from intubation! We don’t need vents. He prayed and God led him to Budesonide. None of his patients have died. It’s worth a listen.

    • Keith

      Thank you for this thoughtful comment… it gave me hope the this site was visited by intelligent people who understood science… but hen I scrolled down and realized it has been dumped on by stupid people screaming about “why would you not TRY this?” I am really done with humanity and any hope is in a tiny segment of the educated population cause the rest are just a lost cause.

    • Paul Hoekstra

      Your comments were a real hit job,I m wondering what your comments would have been if you had a loved one sick with the covid- 19 ,and possibly on his death bed .

    • Jleong

      For clarification, Dr. Bartlett’s statement does not claim Budesonide and a nebulizer is a cure. He indicates that this is a TREATMENT to help reduce the severe symptoms that can escalate the illness. Currently, I do not see a Plan B from the CDC. The current strategy clearly is not working based on the numbers. Trying to get complete compliance with people wearing masks is not going to happen just because there are individuals that will simply NOT comply. Staying at home and closing businesses is not sustainable for the health of the economy and mental health. Waiting for a Cure is not realistic with virus mutations e.g., people still get the flu with a vaccine. We need to learn to live with this illness and have a TREATMENT to help reduce the symptoms and risk of death. There seems to be too much political agenda and lives are at stake. Doctors around the world should collaborate on the successful treatments that appear to be working and are approved by the FDA, Budesonide is approved for respiratory inflammation TREATMENT. People are tired of the CDC wait and see approach until people are on their last breath. Why not try and implement early treatment while waiting for the long term so called cure, it’s better than the current strategy.

  2. Arlan Schendel

    I heard a report by the doctor the other day on this subject. What he said makes some sense, not having a medical background. I think the thing we need too look out for, is the fact that this drug very inexpensive. The medical community may not like the idea of not making a pot load of money for new research. Anyway, it is definitely worth looking into.

    • Carolbprice

      Budesonide is not inexpensive… I take it for extreme colitis. One month of generic replacement is &1500.00. Non generic is $3000.00. The copay portion (if your insurance company approves) is $500 upwards to $1500.00 a month.pne compassionate Hastroenterologist got me started by samples and offered to get the drug at a reasonable price from online Canadian phaumaceuticals.

      • Cornelius Neufeld

        Compare that with 30k+ you would pay, going to the hospital…

      • Dave

        How much budesonide do you have to take per/day for extreme colitis? I’m not sure if we are talking about the same doses for these two very different conditions.

      • Judy

        Also, you’re using this long term for a condition. I’m sorry you are I’ll with that. This used for covid would be temporary. I think it’s worth trying. Are you having any side effects?

    • Vickey Woosley


    • Paul Hoekstra

      You hit the nail on the head ,also the supper research types can ‘t swallow there very inflated pride ,and admit that a field doctor found a solution

  3. Steve Anderson

    Dr. Bartlett appears to know what he is talking about.I think he is genuine in his belief. At least he’s got opinion that’s not government related.

    • Donna Smight

      And in there lies the problem. How dare this Doctor do something without having the government tear it down first. Sounds to me like He is onto something big and others got their egos and or pride in the way. What a shame!! I thought we were all in this together. I say if it is a strong possibility it works?!?!!!! Why not try it!

      • Cindy

        That’s it Donna, politics and government have taken medical care away from our physicians. Dr Barlett also states that using oral and IV corticosteroids could compromise a persons immune system as well as not reach the area that needs treatment. Our government is owned by the Pharmaceutical companies. He also stated that making a person wait for treatment is like not treating a woman with breast cancer until she is stage IV. Look at the UN saying they need billions more for Covid treatment.plus this is taking focus of Hillary Clinton. The people are supposed to control the government, not the other way around.

      • Vickey Woosley

        Ditto well said

      • Alan Wolfinger

        Agreed. They yell and scream that you better put on a mask or you could be killing someone, yet they are effectively costing lives by not getting this information out there to be corroborated as quickly as possible. They discourage and try to discredit this man who has helped many and can’t help but be excited, his having been on the front lines and having had no solution to help people get better. Can they blame him for being excited? Can they blame him for frustration that the treatment is not being spread like the gospel? So what if he called it a silver bullet in his excitement at 100% success? Like the other commentators said, doctors are free to use anything that’s already an approved medicine, so what they should do rather than discredit the excited doctor is to get it out there to all doctors to try immediately. But no they have to discredit this doctor for committing some minor faux pas in his excitement, supposedly.
        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is good news not bad news.
        (I’m a former NASA aerospace engineer. I tried studying rocket science while at NASA and it was too hard for me, BUT I UNDERSTAND THIS AND SO DOES EVERYONE WHO’S TRYING TO COVER IT UP!)

      • Paul Hoekstra

        It’s already been applied to millions in Japan ,and in other countries, what more evidence do we need.

    • Bob

      It works. Thank you Dr. Bartlett, i was heading downhill fast before using the product.

      Big Pharma and their doctors board of directors are afraid of losing billions on their touted vacine. No thank you I will follow the doctors who still practice and care for their patients not the money or stock options.

      • Marie

        What was your treatment?

      • Marie Richards

        What was your treatment? How much of the steroid, zinc and antibiotics?

      • Dave

        Marie Richards makes a very good point. What was the treatment exactly and doses of medication and supplements?

        budesonide ? dose? frequency?
        Zinc? dose? frequency?
        Antibiotics? dose? frequency?

        you get the idea. Don’t make claims like this without details! that way it can’t be hidden!

  4. James M. Lloyd, Esq.

    Worked a miracle for me

  5. Brenda MC Clure

    Did the treated patients actually test positive for COVID19 prior to treatment? Who tested them? Did they test negative after.

  6. John Sinks

    I suspect that there already exists valuable data on the efficacy of the claimed approach.
    Clinicians should be querying patients already being treated for on-label ailments.

    Have they had any sudden illness that caused breathing problems where that patient simply self-dosed and then found relief the other symptoms associated with that sudden, out of their ordinary illness?

    My answer would be…
    Yes, back in late March I had sudden onset of spiking fever and dropping lung capacity. This was before COVID-19 was deemed wide-spread and I had no reason to think I could have it. Five days of spiking fever and other symptoms(not then on the list) while keeping my lungs clear with my prescription puffer and it was over.
    Just two weeks ago I was tested and found to have the antibodies.
    This past weekend I came down with an apparent repeat with spiking fever and decreasing lung capacity. I reacted/self-treated in the same way as before. This time, the fevers ended completely after 24 hours.
    Anecdotal? Yes.
    I think research on this must be intensified.

    • May

      What inhaler were you using?

      • Carol

        This is exactly what happened to my son but since he has a history of asthma, he had an inhaler and used it all in a week. He then tried to order a new one and had to wait for it. He said his head hurt and he felt awful. He would not go to the doctor. After about a week, he said he was fine. He has since been tested and it has always been negative. (he is a police officer). I would love to know whether he has antibodies or not.

  7. Freedom love

    This is a hit piece

    • TrialSite

      What’s your basis for that claim of a “hit job”? That we suggest there are no silver bullet cures for COVID-19? The fact is that we work with people around the world supporting the movement for low cost and economical approaches and if we didn’t think Dr. Bartlett was on to something important–if it was just quackery, we wouldn’t of even bothered to publish. But we did want to look into claims that ICS is the reason why death rates were lower in Taiwan and Japan and we struggled to find that correlation. We are certainly open to the facts should they surface.

      And we brought up other ICS and related corticosteroid research and support efforts like Dr. Bartlett but we don’t support making the claims that there is a silver bullet when we know what there are now are some unfolding approaches that based on observation show potential. Just because one is critical doesn’t mean its a “hit job.” TrialSite is independent and seeks the truth and nothing more.

      We appreciate your visit and hope you understand.

      • Trend

        I thought your article was very fair. I’ve seen other articles on Dr. Bartlett that WERE obviously hit pieces for whatever reason (naturally, with a huge amount of money at stake, you figure Big Pharma, or politics ‘HCQ’). Seeing and hearing the Doc describe the treatment and results, I gotta say I believed him the way I never believed Dr. Fauci (Mr. Vague) from day one. Dr. Bartlett did add an antibiotic to ward off possible infection and I think he mentioned zinc as part of the treatment, as well.

        Sometimes these trials have been out to discredit a treatment by administering ridiculous overdoses so they can say, Nope, no good according to this trial/study. (Like they did in Brazil to discredit hydroxychloroquine. They got caught, though.)

      • Mark

        Why would you title it the way you did? Flirts with trouble by having a 100% success rate? That is a silver bullet.

        It was negative from the beginning but the comments are proving otherwise. I’m getting some on hand now. Don’t trust the government or this website

        • TrialSite

          We are asking for further data so it can be confirmed. That’s all. Thanks for your feedback.

        • Dan. Milosevich

          Dan. The world needs more Dr.Bartletts


          I agree. People are saying we should listen to science. This article is supposedly a fact checking article but it’s title and tone skew towards discrediting.
          Facts : this treatment has worked for this doctor
          Fact: it deserves more research and attention
          What I would have liked your article to discuss:
          Exactly how many patients has dr Bartlett treated for covid
          Are there side effects to this treatment ? What are they? What % of people taking the drug experience side effects

          If there are no to little side effects it certainly mKes sense to try this while scientific studies Are focused on
          And dr Bartlett has said to treat immediately, not wait till the disease is advanced so studies on advanced patients will not be accurate

      • Dave

        If what you said is true then you should investigate further-patients with asthma around the world being treated with budesonide and discover IF there were any deaths at all of this group dew to COVIT-19 and IF so what was their condition before.

        That will give a much broader scope to the effectiveness of budesonide as a treatment of COVIT-19.

        Case in point Taiwan had 11.4% of the population being treated for asthma in 2011 dew to air born pollutants. As of 7/20/2020 Taiwan has had only 7 deaths dew to COVIT-19. What is the primary drug used to treat asthma in Taiwan?

    • Dthib

      Exactly. I hate pharma Will never let you make a claim for health benefits if it doesn’t benefit them.
      People are so ignorant to assume that big pharma has there best interest at hand.

  8. Stan with Covid

    Two of us here, one with heavy symptoms for covis, me less so. started budesnide.
    Drastic improvement in one day. We understand that the virus is still there, but
    the results from the oxidative storm (cyto???) is greatly blunted. My friend was on his way to
    a hospital ER had the worse muscle pain ever and heavy confusion. Now the body
    can fight and defeat this virus. He had scheduled test, and is gettting tested today.
    Thanks to Dr. Bartlett. I saw it in my SpO2 going into the 80%s. Having to catch my
    breath often. Now in mid 90s after one day. We are using nasal spray, now getting
    prescriptions for nubulizer.

    • Marie Richards

      Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Rev. Edward Rowe


    • Robert White

      AMEN! The real reason for the attack on Dr. Bartlett is that he gave the glory to GOD for showing him this very simple solution. TO GOD be the Glory!!!!

    • Marie Richards


  10. Jeff Stephan

    Can you invalidate his claims?! His treatments worked! 100% of the time. More doctors need to use this treatment and come forward to the public. I will never trust a vaccine by big pharma.

    • TrialSite

      No. But we cannot validate them either. Our point is that in this uber-politicized landscape its better not to make a claim that its a “silver bullet” but rather declare something like “although it isn’t a randomized study the off label use thus far evidences some promise.” The problem is maybe it does work 20 times but then the 21st time it doesn’t. He does make claims that may be anecdotal. We tried to find good clear evidence of his approach published in Japan, Taiwan, etc. and struggled to find it. We struggled to find a correlation between ICS and Taiwanese or Japanese lower death counts. We believe he is on to something and hence why we even bothered to not only publish but also look into other corticosteroid use cases, studies and trials. We are glad he is out there but we also believe he shouldn’t declare something is a silver bullet for COVID-19 because there is absolutely no silver bullet for COVID-19. There are different approaches that appear to help but they don’t necessarily work all the time.
      We have been big advocates of looking into economical, available methods to treat this horrible virus and we think that there appear to be a handful of approaches that can work in certain circumstances but I think we are all still learning.
      Hope this helps clarify the TrialSite position.
      Best Regards,

      • bert

        So you are more concerned with his use of words, than his track record? My problem with your “hit piece” which it is actually that. As you said, you cannot disprove his claim of positive results with the patients he’s treated. So why not make a better effort to see why this approach is not/can not be implemented now and let the results fall where they may. It sound like this approach, even if unsuccessful, would cause no harm to the patient, who has a virus called out to be a “killer” by Dr. Fauci.

      • Rod

        “it works 20 times and then the 21st time it doesn’t ” is a problem? To the 20 people that it worked on I’d say they can’t see the problem. Pretty good cure ratio and when it all comes to fruition that ratio may be found overblown. If we wait till government / medical community do all their studies we may be letting people die who had a chance a something that even if anecdotal seems to have great promise.

        • Alan Wolfinger

          Yes regarding the 20 that it’s good news for and the one that it’s not, that’s sure better than a vaccine since vaccines have historically been risky and in some cases have caused death and illness, and will not be effective against all of the MANY mutations of this virus.

      • Alan Wolfinger

        You are revealing your prejudice when you say there is absolutely no silver bullet for covid 19. The rest of the world admits that they are still trying to fight the disease and you claim to already know something absolutely. Interesting.

        • TrialSite

          We have no bias, but we appreciate your feedback. We are just asking for more data so that it can be confirmed.

      • peg

        I hope that publishers like Trialsite will be just as cautious and as skeptical when the vaccine trials show cinches in their armor, as they already are. Just because something has evidence based research backing it, does not make the solution dangerous. I understand that our government is already at work trying to mandate a vaccine that has not even been developed yet. That should scare EVERYONE.
        I’m in favor of trying what works – we may find multiple solutions to Covid 19 that are readily available. We may find that different people respond to different treatments, but that should not automatically negate their effectiveness. We need to keep sharing all the potential and promising information out there if we are truly looking to find a solution for the greater good.

        • TrialSite

          Dear Peg,
          We are 100% behind what you are stating. The TrialSite first and foremost is an independent space. We don’t rely on funding from government, or pharma or for that matter foundations. We have our own financial source which affords flexibility and freedom. We are monitoring vaccine development carefully. Of course we are observing some outrageous behavior in certain countries and within the U.S.we must carefully track certain vaccine and therapeutic programs that have received lots of public (tax payer) money and possibly some interesting regulatory short cuts that depending on what happens, could turn into a much bigger topic. You are incredibly on point. Many therapies/drugs that are FDA approved can be quite dangerous with side effects and the like. On the one hand unprecedented innovation is now occurring but on the other many firms are attempting to squeeze as much profit as possible on existing platforms hence focused on pure financial gain well above patient health. And of course in many of our articles, we have challenged the entire “health care” system as it has evolved into something very different.
          Thanks again for your insight, perspective and common sense which in our eyes equals the ultimate intelligence!
          Best Regards,

  11. Dr. Paul K. Schiff

    Why haven’t any of the media physicians looked into this treatment? Are
    they not allowed? There seems to be something fishy going on!!!!

    • Troy Overfield-Blain

      Yes something very fishy like politics. When he mentions the Trump campaign in his YouTube it was pulled from Facebook as “not meeting the community standards”. If he can keep the politics out of it he could probably get it moving. There is clearly a political war going on in this world.

    • Bob

      Yes, it’s called the left owned liberal media including Fox as well. They wsnt people at home not voting. Mail in votes can be discarded and cheating would be prevalent. George Soros buying America. Wake up people before it’s too late.

  12. Lee Armbruster

    The doctor was misquoted as saying, “I have treated a dozen patients.” If one listens to the interview he said, “I can’t even count…I have 14 patients right now.” Seems like an attempt to brush aside. I would insist on this treatment before I would let any of the current treatments be utilized on me. It is safe by all history of the medication. The problem comes in when the medical elite, FDA, and big Pharma here the phrase, “I won’t cost as much.” Why not try something that is safe and apparently working, rather than waiting years for a treatment that will turn out to be ineffective due to the rapid mutations occurring with this virus? While the FDA and others are telling us how they “want it to be safe” people are sick, and some to death. The doctor used some poor wording, to be sure. However, if he has found a help…or cure, I’m not writing him off over some “misdirected hubris.” This doesn’t make sense…the evidence may be anecdotal…but it is working!

    • Alan Wolfinger

      That’s when I first started mistrusting Dr. F when he totally dismissed as anecdotal the hundred percent success of the informal hydroxychloroquine French study, And because they don’t like anything Trump likes. Same with this publisher. They want to downplay the excitement by saying it has “encouraging results [that need further testing]”. Bull crap! Get the word out and let lives be saved now! We’re now on the battlefield. Think triage. And you’re not talking about a dangerous treatment but something that poses no risk to try. Trump just approved even using dangerous unproven drugs as a last resort if someone wants to. This is infinitely safer than that. It’s no time for haggling over words. People are dying!

      • Paul Hoekstra

        You are so very,very correct !

  13. Mary O'Neill

    I am very interested in your approach to vetting this doctor’s claims. You seem to be saying your aren’t shilling for any Pharma company or the US Government. What is Trialsite’s stance on hydroxycholoroquine?

    • TrialSite

      The data is mixed on Hydroxychloroquine. We have assessed some of the negative findings as well as the positive. Typically when drill into a study that doesn’t show the greatest results we are attacked by one group and when we call out that the anti-malarial drug was meant to be administered early on and that it quickly became politicalized we find other critics. The TrialSIte is one of the few places you will find that is truly independent and that understands clinical trials in and out. Follow all of our research on Ivermectin….We are pretty much the only rapidly growing site that has followed that cheap and available drug as well as many more. We do interviews with doctors from Bangladesh and India to Peru and Tanzania and back to Florida. Check out our latest podcast on Dr. Rajter and his work in Florida.

      We grow more concerned by the day about how political all things are made and how narrow and biased camps form. What happened to the scientific method; following the data and repeating the experiment over and over until we can conifdently make a conclusion: until some new data proves us wrong again ☺ We believe in the pandemic that observational, “real world” data not should be looked at but MUST be taken seriously. Especially if there is accumulating data points.

      Thanks for visiting the TrialSite! We promise you may not always agree but you certainly will find we will take on some tough and challenging research issues; follow the trends worldwide (we are world travelers) and build a movement of objective, rational and educated participants in this journey of life.

  14. Mary

    sorry ‘you aren’t’

  15. Thomas Bush

    I’ll take the odds that it works for 19 out of 20 patients. If that were the case but the facts are these: 100% in 12 patents it cleared up the COVID 19 virus starting with the first treatment. It’s far cheaper than a vaccine is or will be. It’s available now. It’s been used extensively and for decades to treat asthma. It has very little but well documented side effects. These are FACTS. Wake up.

  16. boris weller

    the publisher is trying to belittle the news by employing words such as “anecdotal” “there is no data”.. this is exactly what fauci did/has been doing. Whenever a cheap cure is found, fauci and others like him who are busy licking bill gates ass leap to call such cheap cues “anecdotal” and “one size does not fit all” . well how one vaccine could fit all ?

    • Tom Horak

      You must understand the world can’t put all of its faith on one mans unpublished paper and undoxumented and uncontrolled studies. Even Dr. Richard knows this and that’s why he wrote up his paper and shared it with many. There are ways to fast track through the generally slow process by peer review. That’s not going to happen as easily though if there are attacks on the people trying to do their job. Give it a little time. You would rather have a safe and effective treatment than one that pushed too hard and fast that is not safe right? We all do. Let the process happen, if this is indeed proven to be useful, the good news is nobody will have to wait months for it to be synthesized and made widespread. Fingers crossed that we see good things very soon.

  17. Dan

    Where is the president in this loop? All wotrhwhile treatments should directed to our leaders at this time✌️

    • Mike

      Not necessarily true, Brandon. You obviously haven’t considered the possibility that the 1.6 percent that have died may not have received this treatment. Just because they are using his treatment there doesn’t mean that everyone with the virus has received it.

  18. Danny

    I tested positive on 07/06. I was very sick. I felt horrible!

    I spoke with Dr. Bartlett on 07/08 and started his treatment The same day and improved immediately!

    I received a negative test today (07/16) and I feel wonderful!

    • Danny

      Correction: I received my negative test on 07/15 not 07/16 as previously stated.

  19. Danny

    I started showing symptoms on 07/02. I felt horrible and finally received a positive test on 07/06. I spoke with Dr. Bartlett on 07/07 and started his treatment on 07/08. I immediately showed signs of improvement and started feeling better after my very first breathing treatment. Today, I received a negative test result and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Dr. Bartlett for all that you have done for me and my family!

    • Rachel Dyson

      Danny!! That is amazing! So happy for you!! Keep sharing your story everywhere you can!!!! People need this kind of hope!

    • Michael

      Danny. I am really happy for you. Thanks for speaking up.

    • Marie Richards

      Thank you!!! What was the treatment if you don’t mind sharing?

  20. I am in the camp of Dr. Barnett and is inexpensive treatment procedure.

    Always follow the money. Dr. Bartletts treatments cost virtually nothing and nobody is going to get rich on them. All of the proposed vaccines and prophylactics to treat or cure COVID-19 we would end up making a lot of money for a lot of people. I am in the camp of Dr. Barnett and is inexpensive treatment procedure.

  21. william

    seams to me when they test these claims they never duplicate what the doctor had good results with, instead they switch out zinc with something else and say nope it don’t work. So same will happen with this cause no money will flow to the right people, can’t have that. Also with the Hydroxychloroquine some administered it to people on ventilators. The one study showed treating them before it got too bad was way to do it. But they tested it on people too far into infection and said nope it didn’t work they still died.

    • TrialSite

      I think a key here is that there has been so much political noise that it is difficult to calmly, cooly, and collectively embrace and take on orderly research into both existing approaches as well as tracking signals from novel or “real world” use cases. Unfortunately there are serious economic and political agendas that blind people to the light of the spirit, purpose and intent of research, the scientific method and ultimately progress. We live in an age of anger and fear and of course those emotions bias ones’ point of view.

      So in a more “normal” and rational situation perhaps a university would seek to build a registry of patients that have received inhaled ICS for COVID-19 so that researchers could start more methodically and systematically tracking the outcomes, safety data, etc. But rather what happens is polarized, extreme camps form; ones that are diametrically opposed to each other hence progress is permanently stunted thereby meeting the agenda of whoever or whatever doesn’t want to deal with alternative data points.
      Thanks for visiting the TrialSite!

  22. Tom Horak

    Oh please keep the president away from this for now. Let the medical community have the time to perform controlled tests so that anecdotal data is not all we have. Testimony from patients is great too but without at least some formality of collection of data this dog will not hunt. I applaud Dr. Bartlett for his findings. We just need to make sure to lower the volume on terms like ‘silver bullet’ and cure. From what I’ve researched in the last 2 days, it appears to work somewhat like antihistamine does with allergies. So it’s treatment, not a cure or vaccine or silver anything, but like has been described here a drug with potential that should be further studied. I don’t have the links handy but there is a clinical trial described by a team from India that is dated May for a start. I could not tell if they are still waiting on data analysis, or if they didn’t have enough subjects to start the trial. There is another study for altitude illness where this drug was part of another trial. In that case it seemed to do what we need it to do for cov-19 by blocking the receptors that the virus attaches to. I’m glad to finally see some movement in a positive direction avoiding politics and perhaps an excited doctor exaggerating some aspects a bit. I’m excited to see where this goes and happy for those patients that have recovered. I hope we can get past any notion that money or politics are acting in some conspiratorial way here. I do believe it’s just that there are many people working very hard on many possible ties. And also glad to know that other teams are already in progress looking at this class of drugs and seeing what sounds like positive results thus far. I really think this drug could be very successful. And the case described here with the inhaler, was that Albuterol?

    Also I was sick around the time that Cuomo was and remember watching a video of him and a doctor who had him take a regimen of something using a nebulizer. I do not remember what it was and can’t find the video. But I wonder if it was some sort of aerosolized steroid. Could be more anecdotal data to help support this effort and maybe help get people thinking more positively about what Dr. Richard and many of us are excited about. I tried contacting ‘Sammie’ the reporter that has been following his story for a few months now. But I suspect I’m not the only one as I have not heard back. Good luck everyone, stay safe and positive. I suggest keeping the president out of the loop until there is solid evidence one way or the other. We have all seen what can happen. This drug if taken at the wrong time I believe can have the opposite effect that is desired and could start the immune system response we don’t want. This is my own opinion and my suggestions. Meant only to prevent misuse of Budesonide.

  23. Tracy Linson

    I dont believe the doctor claimed his treatment as a CURE. But as an early onset treatment. And of course with all treatments you need a trusted doctor for his expertise and experience to provide you with sound advise. What do we know about this virus… we know it attaches our cells, invades and destroys them…I would want to go to the source, and eliminate it as soon as possible… so is this a viable treatment, yes. Is it a cure all, no. But would I or have I taken a steroid for treatment before, absolutely. We also have to think how healthy are the lungs of patients with covid… are they long term smokers, vapers which has been proven to destroy the lungs… where are these results. Unfortunately we will never know because that’s personal information. They say you can have underlyigs health issues that can affect how covid attaches you, but what about underlying health habits.

  24. Dthib

    This is a hit piece!
    I hate big pharma Will never let you make a claim for health benefits if it doesn’t benefit them.
    People are so ignorant to assume that big pharma has their best interest at hand.
    This is what’s wrong with our society. Nobody wants to be accountable for taking care of their own health. They want to take drugs to masks all their problems. Not get to the root of health issues, just treat their symptoms. We have become a lazy dumbed down society and we tear down the people who want to seek a better natural healthy lifestyle.

    • Wanderer

      I’ve been reading all these comments and getting dizzy with all the pros and cons for this treatment. But I got a chuckle out of your comment. Cut through and ingnore the ‘noise’ and take control of your health. I love it!

  25. Bob Courts

    Where is the “brilliant “ Dr Fauci in all this, sleeping?

    • Bill

      “All this” is just one doctor speaking in public about anecdotal evidence before he has done a trial. That doesn’t warrant Fauci’s attention.

  26. Patricia Bakunas

    While it’s important to have data backing treatments, we are in a pandemic and need to be flexible with using various protocols. I, for one, do not want to wait for a research-backed data treatment if one of my family members contracted COVID-19. I commend any physician who is willing to think outside the box to help their patients. In regards to the publisher’s’ position, I feel they provided a non biased opinion to the use of steroids. My only criticism is that they were critical of the good doctor’s “hubris” and that they didn’t appear to appreciate the urgency in using off brand treatments.

    • Jeff

      Rather than waiting perhaps many months for the clinical trials & results of Dr. Bartlett’s treatment, I suggest doctors implement President Trump’s “Right to Try” with any patient afflicted with Covid-19, & who wants to be treated with it…

    • Jean Van Houten

      Thank you! Why does everyone want to squelch the HOPE there might be a cure? We all need hope right now.

  27. Ronald James

    I heard Dr. Bartlett’s presentation, and it makes sense to me that it’s certainly worth a try. Certainly long term double blind studies are the gold standard, but many medical breakthroughs have come from off-label use of existing meds. The risk is low for this, as it has been used for years in asthma cases on children as young as 6. The risks with corticosteroids mainly come from long term use, and that’s not what we’re talking about here. Let’s allow the word to be spread in the medical community without bringing politics into it and see where it goes. At this stage of the pandemic, we’ve got very little to lose, and everything to gain. The problem with clinical trials is that they are generally using patients who are already at death’s door, and all “conventional” or medically accepted treatments have failed. With an infection of any kind, the sooner it’s treated the better.

  28. Christy

    I for one know what doctor I want to go to if I get covid! Dr. Bartlett is onto something and even if it’s just a dozen patients with 100% recovery rate, that’s way better than any other treatment, or lack of, I have heard of.

  29. Sherry A Vaughn

    I would rather take something that has no real side effects in short term use and survive than wait until the government decides to approve something which could take months and months and already be dead. Millions of people are using the inhaler with no ill side effects. Millions of people take zinc supplements with no ill side effects. I agree with Dr. Bartlett and the other two doctors who are using this treatment or something very similar, Zelenko and Barke. I say thank you to these brave men for standing up to political BS.

  30. John Upp

    Everyone forgets that had the off label experiment he employed resulted in patient harm or death, the innocent and trusting patient pays the price. In this setting we have created annectodal evidence that needs to be validated using randomized tests. Unfortunately our current crisis has created many patients that would allow easy recruitment and conduct of this assessment.

  31. T. M.L.

    Per John Hopkins Global Data – I would listen to him as these numbers of people stacked on top of each other with few deaths. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

    Vietnam = 0 deaths
    Taiwan = 7 deaths
    Japan =985 deaths

  32. Christie

    His treatment for Covid is really the first ray or sunshine we have had. Not saying his 100% would withstand the test of time if mass adoption. But the US needs to step up and start testing if they want to prove him wrong. Tick tock! Where is the harm in this treatment using medication that has been around for years and even given to infants. A doctor in the Dallas area provided this treatment to a 93 year old man (My friends grandpa,so this is first hand knowledge) and he was better in 48 hours. I would never take a rushed vaccine. Plus, this virus has already mutated several times so I question the effectiveness and long term side effects. Even our flu vaccine is not effective for all flu types and never will be. I am for early detection and early treatment just like Dr. Bartlett is suggesting. Maybe this is the treatment, maybe not …but at least be open enough to test it.


      Oh wow! Really? That’s awesome!!

  33. David Smith

    Why not treat all Covid patients with Budesonide? It is already FDA approved as an asthma treatment, where is the harm if patients are assessed for any medical reasons before using it.

    • Nancy M. Ponce

      Sounds very well promising. U have my 100% faith.

      On another note do you work with patients with opiate addictions chronic pain anxiety.? I’ve been having very serious issues lately that need to be attended to ASAP or you can refer me out to someone that has the knowledge.
      thank you, Nancy

  34. Diane Diehl

    Bravo for a doctor to speak out, Dr. Bartlett, on the success with his patients – if more doctors would be this courageous we just might save more lives. Think about this – since for many years millions have received hydroxychloroquine for anti-malaria (yes, arrhythmia and eye issues may not be given RX) but millions of others can take safely (just as medical teams throughout US take as prophylactic) What if everyone were given – could this have tiny impact on preventing this nasty virus from taking hold? Zinc is an iron and cannot on its on enter the cell – BUT once it gets through the gates, it obliterates the virus in its tracks. Hydroxychloroquine is the master gatekeeper and allows Zinc ion to surf into the cell – only issue must be given within hours of symptoms to be most effective.

  35. Anthony Evans

    I too have COPD
    I am on Symbicort inhaler. It contains budesonide. I too use 2 puffs twice a day.
    I seem to be developing symptoms of covid-19. Swollen lymph nodes in throat, a cough, fatigue, I am worried. Going for test tomorrow. Any thoughts ?


    I wish you well. Can you update on your progress especially using budesinide already? It will be interesting to see the reults.

  37. Tom Boyer

    I am 74 years old and have COPD,Asthma, Pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema.. I stay primarily stay at home not because of the virus but the weather. I have been on these steroids for several years. They indeed are primarily a lung disease medication and does help folks like myself. This Dr may mean well but this application of just a few patients, supposedly with Covid 19, has shown little as far as a proven cure. Some of the steroids mentioned have restrictions on their specific usage.

  38. ben

    Dr. Proctor of McKinney, TX (youtube) among others are pointing out that the outpatient treatment through family doctors were hugely successful with hydroxychloroquine as a part of their regimen. Hundreds of patients cured, no side effects. FDA steps in and forbids the use of hydroxychloroquine for covid19 citing heart problems. The heart problem is with the FDA not the treatment. Will FDA do the same with inhaled corticosteroids? You bet they will. Better get well while you can before FDA outlaws what you need.

  39. Rob

    the Government will of course be against it. That way they cant administer a vaccine, other doctors do not make money off you coming into getting that vaccine, Why not take it to hot zones and give it to people and give some a placebo and see who gets better?

  40. Dante Jacuzzi

    Who wrote this article?
    Why do none of your articles come with a name attached?
    Just Axin

    • TrialSite

      The source is at the bottom of the article. right under the social icons.


    Of ours this is a news site so god forbid we give this doctor any credit for looking outside the box.
    I’d try this in a heartbeat and pay cash for it, if need be.

  42. Jonathan Little

    Check out the University of Southampton Synairgen trials as well. Inhaler trials of interferon beta.

    Has undergone phase 2 trials in the UK

  43. Glee

    How many years was it before the medical community accepted one lone doctor’s claim that there were invisible germs on our hands, thus hand scrubbing was necessary before surgeries to keep down infection? Or how long did the medical community refute one doctor’s claim that ulcers were caused by a bacteria treatable with antibiotics? It’s the nature of the medical community to claim anecdotal evidence has no value…in spite of the many time’s “empirical” evidence has also been debunked by later evidence.

    I agree that in normal times, potential cures should be tested intensively. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and anecdotal evidence is not always totally invalid. My friend’s niece just contracted covid last week. Her symptoms started on Sunday, tested Monday, and started Dr. Bartlett’s recommended regimen on Tuesday. She got immediate relief and by Saturday, she was symptom free. I would bet she thinks it’s a silver bullet!

  44. juanpa

    If you want to understand the real basis of the treatment, I recomend to read the classic book “Safe Uses of Cortisol” by Dr. William MK Jefferies. It is writed for proffesionals.

    As Karsiyaka said in Amazon.com

    “This exceptionally unique book is written by a medical doctor with a page long impressive credentials and fifty years of experience studying “the safe uses of cortisol”, the most important hormone in human body and ” the only hormone that is absolutely essential for life”, in treating different illnesses. The book starts telling the story of the initial success of treating patients with R. Arthritis with cortisol and how and why the by cortisol use has fallen from grace after the medical community discovering the devastating side effects of cortisol use in large doses. According to the book, at the time, the optimal levels of this hormone or how patients should take it were not known. Instead of giving patients, whose bodies’ would normally make 35-40 mg cortisol daily if they had fully functioning adrenal glands, the optimal amount of cortisol of 2.5 mg-10 four times a day, patients were given hundreds of mgs of cortisol daily resulting in terribly side effects giving the steroid treatment the bad reputation it has today. The book also covers safe use of cortisol in treatment of gonadal dysfunction/infertility , R. Arthritis, allergies, autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, hyperthyroidism with diffuse goiter, chronic thyroiditis, diabetes mellitus, regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis (they are listed in the chapter headed “Other Autoimmune Disorders), viral infections including common cold, influenza, infectious mononucleosis and shingles. Also the author reports that “it is a known fact that the influenza virus attacks the human body by impairing the production of ACTH which in turn, impairs the production of cortisol.”

  45. juanpa

    Two more facts anout this book:

    1.- How not to treat patients by numbers and even a low dose trial of very low dose NATURAL type cortef was recommended before tests. When I see how many patients were let go with horrible symptoms to make sure numbers are correct, I feel very bad. Dr.WJ also gives case studies of 40 years of his patients with explanations, results and gives questions making some connections between adrenal, ovarian , thyroid and breast cancer which I found it fascinating.

    2.- This book is thorough and informative. But it’s not a light read by any means. If you’re looking for straight information, it’s a great reference. But it’s not intended for the average consumer. Pharmacists and doctors will love it… for the rest of us, it’s a bit of a sleeping pill.

  46. Rochele HC Hirsch

    I am very happy to see your Site. Thank you. I saw Dr. Bartlett’s interview 2 weeks ago, and felt the truth of it. He successfully treated the symptoms, his patients lived, and that is a huge achievement. In my own research (I’m an intuitive), I have seen that the virus affects the RED BLOODS CELLS in being able to deliver O2 to the body. For some reason, the O2 is not being “knocked off” into the blood stream in the necessary amounts. Organs are starved for Oxygen. Further, CO2 is not being released in sufficient amounts by the RBCs into the lungs to force deep breathing. I sense that the Budesonide causes the Red Blood Cells to allow the O2 to be “knocked off” so the organ cells can pick it up. Hypoxia (and its effects) is what kills the person before the immune system can successfully fight the virus and reinstall proper functioning of the RBCs. HOORAY to Dr. Bartlett for using an interim treatment that has worked to save 20+ people – and could save many more.

    Further, my research over the last 25 years has been about the set of Emotional Stressors (which I call “Signatures”) that “attract” particular diseases. Before I went to Singapore on January 31 for 2 weeks, I developed the Signatures for Covid-19, found that I was free from the Signatures, and thus knew I was safe from the disease. I can “read” whether a person has a Signature, or not. If the person has a Signature, I see that they are SUSCEPTIBLE to the disease. Their VULNERABILITY to being sick has everything to do with their Health — their level of Life Force Energy. The combination of a Signature and low Life Force Energy will predict illness and likely death. However, a Signature and HIGH Life Force Energy will produce asymptomatic people. The best preventive to Covid-19 – and any virus — is more energy/ better health: Nutrition, Hydration, Attitude, Moderate Exercise — and probably supplements of Zinc, Vit D, Vit C and some Love. See http://howcometheory.com/current-research.html

  47. Brenda Bratton

    Which antibiotic does Dr. Bartlett use with steroid and zinc?

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