About 17,000 new patients are diagnosed with esophageal cancer each year in the United States according to Zara Sternberg writing for SurvivorNet. With the emergence of powerful new immunotherapy drugs for different cancer populations.  Recently Weill Cornell Medicine conducted a study on an immunotherapy drug which provided some hope for esophageal patients—one that is notoriously difficult to treat. Sternberg noted that the investigators administered the drug through an IV every third week for up to two years.

The investigative team recruited 121 patients who had already received a couple types of chemotherapy combinations and whose cancer continued.  It was a global study (Weill was a participant) at 57 different sites with a median age of 65.   9.9 % of the total patient population responded to the immunotherapy drug.  Apparently, a group of the patients didn’t have tumor growth for over a year. The study author reported that this was “an unheard of success for those patients.” Esophageal cancer causes including smoking and reflux (heartburn).

Source: www.survivornet.com

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