VitaLink Research Selected Pivotal COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 3 Clinical Trial

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VitaLink Research Selected Pivotal COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 3 Clinical Trial

VitaLink Research in Greenville, South Carolina, was selected by Moderna to run its pivotal Phase III mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. VitaLink reports that this clinical investigational site targets 1,500 (5%) of the total study participants. COVID-19 has hit South Carolina relatively hard, with 25,701 and 659 deaths.

VitaLink Research Comments

Steve Clemmons, president of VitaLink Research, commented that the sponsor “chose our groups as well as South Carolina to be the places for this study because its already considered to be one of the hot spots in the southeast.” Clemons reported that the Phase 3 trial would commence “around mid-July” and that the whole study would consist of 30,000 participants. He reported that VitaLink planned to recruit 1,500 of the total participants via “upstate” South Carolina.

Moderna mRNA-1273 Study

Although VitaLink didn’t announce the name of the pharmaceutical sponsor, TrialSite News can report that this sponsor is, in fact, Moderna. The Massachusetts-based biotech has already disclosed that its randomized and placebo-controlled Phase III mRNA-1273 vaccine study, targeting 30,000 participants, would commence in July. The study’s primary endpoint centers on the prevention of the symptomatic COVID-19 disease. Prevention of severe disease and infection by SARS-CoV-2 represent secondary endpoints. The dosing was expected in July, and this study looks to be on track.

The Research Site

That VitaLink would be selected for such a nationwide critical study, evidences the confidence in the research operation based in South Carolina. A U.S. network of fully integrated clinical trial sites, VitaLink connects world-class physicians and medical professionals with site managers and research coordinators to set the standard for timely execution of clinical trial protocols with trustworthy results across all sites.

Founded in 2004, VitaLink Research has become a leading dedicated clinical research business with at least 13 locations across the United States with their headquarters in Greenville, SC. VitaLink promotes that they exceed sponsor and FDA expectations during quality audits while consistently ranking in the top 10% in global enrollment for sponsor studies. TrialSite News has no way of verifying that, however, given that the group was selected for arguably one of the most important clinical trials over the past couple of decades, if not the modern era, they clearly have a top brand.

VitaLink maintains a principal investigator network across a range of therapeutic areas from dermatology and internal medicine to general Phase I-IV studies to pulmonary and women’s health.

PEG-Backed Research Sites

VitaLink received private equity-based investment from Great Point Partners in 2016. In 2019, VitaLink put the PEG money to work acquiring Comprehensive Clinical Research (CCT) in southeast Florida.

Call to Action: Those living in northern South Carolina (upland), consider participating in this critical trial targeting COVID-19. Click here.

Source: WYFF News


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