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Virginia Mason Research Program to Connect Down Syndrome and Autoimmune Diseases


K5 News, Seattle reports that almost half of those with Down Syndrome have an autoimmune disease.  Virginia Mason, Seattle, WA seeks to research connections between the two conditions. The Virginia Mason Down Syndrome Program provides primary care, health maintenance, and other vital forms of care in one centrally located environment.

Recently the Down Syndrome program and Benaroya Research institute initiated a collaboration to research the connection between Down Syndrome and autoimmune disease. Select the link below to watch the New Day Northwest talk program to learn more about the research initiative.

The two have created the Down Syndrome biorepository which is a confidential list of people with Down syndrome with and without autoimmune diseases who are willing to donate a blood sample and provide health information for scientific research.  It has been observed people with Down syndrome have significantly increased risk of getting autoimmune disease.

BRI scientists are using donated blood sample and personal and family health information from people with Down syndrome to better understand the relationship between Down syndrome, both with and without autoimmune disease, and their family members, are invaluable to this work. The main goal of this research is to identify new and better therapeutic targets to prevent and treat autoimmune diseases in people with Down syndrome, as well as in the general population. All information is highly confidential.

Lead Research/Investigator

Rebecca Partridge, MD, Down Syndrome Program, Virginia Mason

Dr. Bernard Khor, Benaroya Research Institute


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