Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | 9-9-2019 S1 E9

Sep 9, 2019 | Clinical Trials, Digital Media, HIV, Legal, Lung Cancer, Nestle, Thalassemia, Vaccine, Video, Weekly Roundup

TrialSite News Weekly Roundup

Join us as we go over our top stories from the week:

  • WCG offers streamlined CTMS research sites
  • Velocity Clinical Research snags new expert
  • Errant Gene Therapeutics story update
  • Lung cancer treatment changes
  • Mayo Clinic investigator discusses clinical trial
  • HIV VACCINE – How close are we to a workable vaccine?
  • Korean academic research develops vaccine for tick-born virus
  • HIV cure search for the Cure John Causey in regenerative-based treatment
  • Clinical trials Hoag Hospital Discusses importance
  • Nestle observations studies violated Indian law, says Indian Government.

Time Stamps:

00:32 – Clinical Trial News

04:12– SiteWatch Challenge

05:39 – Cancer

09:21 – HIV/AIDS

12:21 – Lung Disease

13:07– Autoimmune

15:11– PTSD

15:43 – Tick-Borne Virus

16:53 – Neurological Disease

Make sure to tune in on Sep 11th for our podcast, where we will be talking to Patrick Girondi about his legal battle in regards to his research and drug development for thalassemia.



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