UT Austin Receives $5M Dedicated to Cancer Prevention and Research from CPRIT

Sep 1, 2019 | Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, Cancer Research, CPRIT, Texas

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The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awarded UT Austin professors nearly $5 million for research. Collectively CPRIT awarded professors at the University of Texas from the College of Natural Sciences, Dell Medical School and the Cockrell School of Engineering almost $5 million.

What follows is a breakdown of the awards. Also, follow the link to the source at KVUE for a video of the news as well.

Jennifer Brodbelt, chemistry professor, received $3.7 million in funding to create an imaging facility that will help cancer researchers more closely study tissues and cells. The facility will incorporate techniques to image and characterize biological samples in greater molecular detail. Professor Brodbelt is partnering with two other leaders in the field: Livia Eberlin and Maria Person.

Michael Pignone, Dell Medical School has been awarded $1 million. His efforts include smoking cessation and lung cancer screening in vulnerable adult clients.

Jennifer Maynard, chemical engineering professor specializing in biotechnology and immunology received $200,000 in funding for her research in pediatric brain cancer. The funds will help Maynard develop nanosized immunotherapies to treat medulloblastoma, a tumor located in the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination. Medulloblastoma accounts for nearly 20% of pediatric brain tumors.


This year, CPRIT awarded 71 grants to researchers across the state, totaling $136 million.

Who is CPRIT?

The CPRIT was formed in 2007 when Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment then to establish the organization. It authorized the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs and services.


CPRIT goals include the mission to expedite innovation in cancer research and product development and to enhance evidence-based prevention programs throughout the state. Under the guidance of the governance body, the Oversight Committee, CPRIT accepts applications and awards grants for a wide variety of cancer-related research and the delivery of prevention programs and services by public and private entities located in Texas.

State Focus

All CPRIT-funded research shall be conducted in the state by Texas-based scientists and reflect CPRIT’s mission to attract and expand the state’s research capabilities and create high-quality new jobs in Texas.

Key Charges by State Legislature

  • Create and expedite innovation in the area of cancer research
  • Attract, create or expand research capabilities in the state
  • Continue to develop and implement the Texas Cancer Plan 

Call to action: Are you interested in conducting cancer research in the State of Texas? Check out CPRIT for networking and resources.


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