Study results from The George Institute for Global Health and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research at UNSW Sydney call for urgent interventions to exceedingly high asthma medicine prices in Australia.

Out-of-pocket costs are preventing many people from taking viral asthma medicine reports Economic Times.  At least one in 10 asthma patient globally lives in India and the prices for relevant medicines in that country exceed those of TB and HIV/AIDS combined.

The Study

The researchers surveyed 1,400 people with asthma in Australia and uncovered that about half of the adults and one-third of children in the study were either decreasing or all together avoiding doses asthma medicines to make them last longer.  The study team found that out-of-pocket costs are preventing many from accessing medicines which can be the difference, literally, between life and death.

The George Institute for Global Health 

A health and medical research institute whose mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. They are based in Australia.

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research at UNSW Sydney

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research strives to improve respiratory and sleep health of Australians through world-class research , care and education.  They have a team of 200 medical researchers dedicated to investigating the causes of disease, seeking improved treatments and translating discoveries into new clinical practice.

Lead Research/Investigator

Tracey-Lea Laba, The George Institute 

Professor Helen Reddel

Source: India Times

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