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University of Rochester Joins the TriNetX Network to Expand Clinical Trials

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The University of Rochester medical Center (URMC), one of the naton’s leading academic medical centers, announced it has joined the TriNetX network to expand its access to advanced clinical trials.  TrialSite News wrote about TriNetX recently.

Dr. Matin Zand, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research, Co-Director and Translational Science Institute, URMC “we joined TriNetX to greatly expand our access to such trials.   We were very impressed with TriNetX’s cohort discovery platform, which many other academic medical centers are using internally and collaboratively for research and quality improvement projects.”

A prestigious research organization, URMC has nearly 3,000 people dedicated to scientific research with over 1,000 clinical trials currently ongoing.  Their researchers are studying common and rare illness from cancer and heart disease to Parkinson’s and pandemic influenza.

TriNetX’s network model may exponentially scale affording greater possibilities as each new research institution signs on. With 23 countries, thousands of research sites caring for 300 million patients they claim that the network has been mobilized to analyze over 16,000 protocols representing 4,190 clinical trial opportunities.

URMC is a private, coeducational, nonsectarian, and nonprofit research university. URMC participates in a large and diverse array of clinical trial—see their listings.


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