University of Michigan Invests $750,000 In Clinical Research Technology

Mar 16, 2019 | Clinical Technology, CTMS, University Investment

Digital Journal reports that University of Michigan has invested $750,000 in seed funding to Ripple Science Corporation.  The investment was approved via the Michigan Investment in New Technology Startups Initiative (MINTS).

Ripple Science accelerates clinical research with its secure and HIPAA-compliant suite of tools. By adapting sales and marketing automation to the processes of patient recruitment and retention, Ripple helps our customers recruit more participants, faster and reduces patients lost to follow-up.

Ripple Science’s flagship product, Ripple SaaS, is currently being used by research investigators at more than 75 academic and research centers around the world, including Johns Hopkins University, Pennsylvania State University, University of California Los Angeles, the Brain Research Foundation Canada, University of East Anglia (UK), Cognito Therapeutics (Boston, MA) and the University of Michigan.

Ripple Science includes a site-side clinical trial management system with the following capabilities:

  • Improve Patient Recruitment
  • Boost participant retention
  • In-depth Study Monitoring
  • Better Data Quality
  • Exceed CRO Expectations
  • Build Local Patient Registry

They position the company has having far more comprehensive feature/function set than standard CTMS or EDC systems on the market. Ripple Science was founded in 2016 by Jacob Bonenberger and Nestor Lopez-Duran, an associate professor at University of Michigan. They have thus far raised $1.7 million according to website CrunchBase.

TrialSite News estimates Ripple Science is gaining commercial traction, seeding the market and probably discounting for early adopters. They originally had an estimated 10 LinkedIn associated employees.  We believe they are still under 20 employees but may be poised for next phase growth now.  Research sites (from commercial to academic medical centers to others) are exploring technology upgrades.


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