Six UK-based academic research centers will investigate why some patients with advanced cancer remain well long after treatment. Called the Continuum Long-term Survivor study, the trial will focus on patients who have had successful treatment of advanced cancer and continue to remain cancer free for at least five years.

Funded by three-time cancer survivor Dr. James Hull, the research team will be based at universities in Manchester, Surrey, Oxford, Swansea, Nottingham and the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

The Study

The study will involve non-invasive analysis of individuals’ immune systems and tumor cells to identify any unique features which could explain why they have remained cancer free. The study leads hope that the findings help investigators better understand immunotherapy treatment by targeting different proteins in cancer cells, aiming to improve the chance of non-recurrence. The researchers are recruiting people who have had an aggressive cancer, which has resolved completely with treatment and have remained free of the disease without treatment for 5 years or longer.

Dan Davis University of Manchester

Taking part in this study, Davis reported, “This is an innovative and exciting study. Funding for unorthodox approaches like this can sometimes be difficult to achieve, so James Hull’s backing is welcome.” He continued that it would offer an “unprecedented opportunity to develop our understanding of why some people with cancer, after treatment, have better outcomes than others.”

Who is James Hull?

The CEO and Founder of Continuum Life Sciences, which was born from his own experience of surviving numerous battles against multiple malignant cancers. This heightened his awareness that there is therapeutic potential to be learned from individual cancer survivors. Hull, a successful British entrepreneur, was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Given little chance of survival, they removed a large malignant tumor from his bowel. The adjacent lymph nodes were also cancerous. Several other cancers were diagnosed but Hull has managed to survive. Because of this experience he self-funds complex and potentially life-changing research for philanthropic reasons.

Call to Action: Do you live in the UK and have a loved one diagnosed with cancer? Consider participating with Continuum Life Science study. See contact information: 

Source: University of Manchester

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