University of Kansas Medical Research Investigators Donating Equipment Including PPE

Apr 11, 2020 | Coronavirus, COVID-19, Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, Research

University of Kansas Medical Research Investigators Donating Equipment Including PPE

University of Kansas Medical Center researchers have stepped-up in a big way and donated critical equipment to help their colleagues at the academic medical center’s health system presently caring for COVID-19 patients. A raging pandemic causes ongoing personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages worldwide—in the process, endangering healthcare workers. Hence this local case of camaraderie and collaboration in a unified cause to support the front-line battle against the deadly pathogen.

It Takes Leadership

The University of Kansas website reports that the call for help started with Peter Smith, the senior associate dean for research within the University of Kansas School of Medicine, in an email where he says, “There is currently a dire need for PPE by the KU Health System…I can’t stress enough how important this is to our clinical colleagues who are risking their lives to keep us healthy! Please do what you can!”

Action in Kansas

Thereafter, a collection point was set up and KU professionals got to work—such as Ryan Werth, director of research integrity. The PPE donations started flowing, such as 4,000 surgical masks and 39,500 globes of various sizes—not to mention some N095 masks, gowns, lab coats and disinfectant wipes.

A Movement Nationwide

Research centers around the country are organizing a myriad of campaigns to donate needed equipment, including PPE. In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported the donation of PPE from researchers, even if the supplies were bought with NIH-funded grants. The NIH, given the dire circumstances, has issued notices that budgeted items that are redirected to critical COVID-19 care operations can be re-budgeted for purchase of more equipment and supplies at a later date.