The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has been awarded $4 million over the next four years from the National Institute of Health (NIH) Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hubs (REACH) grant. The university is now part of a national network of research institutions sharing best practices involving the commercialization of academic discoveries.

The NIH has been reflecting on ways to support the translation from early-stage discoveries from the lab to patients. The REACH program reflects a major initiative of NIH for this goal by forming and expanding a network of institutions across the country. Most recently, as the second cycle of the REACH program, NIH awarded $20 million to fund five MedTech hubs to accelerate the translation of biomedical developments into commercially viable products. CU Anschutz is one of those hubs.

Principal Investigator Colorado REACH Hub grant

Richard Duke, PhD and faculty members in the CU School of Medicine Division of Medical Oncology noted “Having been a biomedical researcher and academic entrepreneur at CU Anschutz for nearly 40 years, I am excited to witness the translation of the numerous and varied inventions of my faculty colleagues into products that impact patients’ lives, which the REACH grant funding will support.”

CU Innovations and SPARK Colorado

CU Innovations leads business development and commercialization efforts of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus while SPARK Colorado represents a commercialization initiative of the office supported by Chancellor Donald Elliman, Jr., the campus has in place the expertise and track record of success in supporting faculty-led innovations and accelerating commercialization.

Lead Research/Investigator

Richard Duke, Ph.D., Principal Investigator Colorado REACH hub grant

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Source: CU Anschutz Medical Campus

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