University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus has implemented a new clinical trials patient recruitment website to help members of the general public find clinical trials at Children’s Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Hospital or other clinics across the university campus. Called Research Studies, the website represents a powerful way to offer useful and real-time information to patients regarding local clinical trials.

A Trend Across Universities

TrialSite News has observed a trend across the country—and beyond—where academic medical centers and health systems are getting more serious about investing in technology, including websites, to help patients navigate the tremendous amounts of information about drugs and clinical trials. Increasingly, these centers seek to position their specific research programs, health systems and clinical trial opportunities. In some cases, they are remunerated for patient enrollment and seek competitive advantage with industry sponsors.

Developing the Site: Engage the Stakeholders including the Public

The new website for research studies was developed via a partnership between the University of Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the School of Medicine. The lead on this project was Alison Lakin, RN, LLB, LLM, PhD, Vice Chancellor of Regulatory Compliance.

Key to creating Research Studies was a process of engaging with the public. “We worked with the community engagement core of the CCTSI to develop the site in a way that is user-friendly and accessible to the community,” Dr. Lakin says. Through focus groups with community members, Lakin and her team learned that the public doesn’t care about the difference between clinical research and basic science, they just care about the concept of research studies—hence the name of the site. She also noted that investigators are looking for healthy people in addition to those with medical conditions.

Features and Integration with Underlying CTMS (OnCore)

The new website offers a list of clinical trials and research studies by category, in addition to a search tool. Study pages display available data such as the primary objective, the name of the Principal Investigator and eligibility information. All pages include a link for potential participants to submit their contact information that is sent to the study team for determination of eligibility. Once a study has met its required number of participants, it will automatically be taken off the website.

The website represents the first time on University of Colorado campus that a single tool can pull timely, accurate and comprehensive information on studies that are looking to recruit participants. All of the information on the studies is pulled from the clinical trial management system called OnCore. The site also pulls information on investigators from a School of Medicine database. 

It should be mentioned that OnCore, from Forte Research, is one of the leading back-end clinical data management systems for academic research centers. Recently, University of Buffalo developed a similar patient recruitment portal with seamless integration to OnCore.

Call to Action: Interested in learning more about studies at University of Colorado? Check out the website. Interested in connecting with the lead on the development of the patient recruitment website and portal? Contact Alison Lakin, RN, LLB, LLM, PhD, Vice Chancellor of Regulatory Compliance.

Source: University of Colorado Anschutz

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