University of Buffalo Spin-off Venture Raises $1m & Develops Aneurysm Detection Test

Nov 14, 2019 | Aneurysm, Diagnostic, Gene Marker, University of Buffalo

University of Buffalo Spin-off Venture Raises $1m & Develops Aneurysm Detection Test

A University at Buffalo-based research team is conducting research to assess a blood test that could screen brains for aneurysms. Their spin-off company has secured $1 million to develop the technology.

A Deadly Condition

Americans experience aneurysms approximately 30,000 times per year. An individual’s brain ruptures and the result is usually serious bodily injury or death. At times, physicians will inadvertently discover signs of an aneurysm while diagnosing other health issues. Often a doctor may identify a bulging brain vessel and leave the repair option up to the patient. If they wait until it ruptures, the risk of death is high.

A Family Tragedy and then A Move to Help Others

Jeff Harvey lost his wife to an aneurysm and that put him on the track to try to help others. Physicians suggest his children should receive brain scans every few years. Although for many these procedures are precluded by insurance and represent high cost services. Because of the tragedy, Jeff launched Neurovascular Diagnostics, which is developing a blood test to help diagnose for risk of aneurysms. The computerized test they are developing uses blood markers.

Gene Expression in the Blood

The venture, partnered with Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute and other medical centers, is assessing gene expression in the blood with a focus on differences in gene expression among people that experience aneurysms and those that don’t reports CEO Vincent Tutino. Apparently, “Those changes are attributed to the functioning of white blood cells.”

Success Thus Far

Thus far, the effort has continued to attract federal support in the form of dollars. They ultimately seek to conduct clinical trials. As reported by WBFO 88.7 the blood test is accomplished by using a computer chip that happens to be coated with a chemical mix that support automatic testing. And, in fact, the FDA has already approved the computer chips and the chemistry.

About Neurovascular Diagnostics

A University of Buffalo spin-off, the company recently raised $1 million in initial financing. They are developing a low-cost blood test to screen high-risk patients for unruptured brain aneurysms—pathological bulging in blood vessels that can eventually burst. The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded the company $750,000 in Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding, building on the National Institutes of Health funding with a National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke grant of $225,000—to identify biomarkers associated with particular dangerous aneurysms.


Jeff Harvey, University of Buffalo Engineering Researchers

Hui Meng, University of Buffalo Engineering and Medical Researcher

Vincent Tutino, Co-Founder

Source: WBFO


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