University of British Columbia IP May Broaden the Use of Checkpoint Inhibitors in Cancer Fight

Mar 31, 2019 | Cancer, Cannabinoid, Mitacs, Oncology, University of British Columbia

An exciting partnership involving an elite university, bioscience non-profit and biotech venture hold the promise to broaden the use of checkpoint inhibitors in the battle against cancer.  Dr. Wilfred Jefferies with the Michael Smith Laboratories at University of British Columbia (UBC), is also the scientific founder of Pascal Biosciences (TSXV: PAS). Founded in 2013, PAS is a biotech venture built on licensed technology from UBC. With a focus on cancer, they have developed three preclinical programs in their pipeline.

Scientific founder Dr. Jefferies discovered that specific cannabinoids can increase the immune recognition of both mouse and human cancer cells. Jeffries and Co. believe that based on this research pact focusing on Pascal’s PAS-393, the use of checkpoint inhibitors can expand in new areas of cancer therapy. PAS-393 is an immuno-stimulatory cannabinoid designed to be used in combination with checkpoint inhibitors.  Pascal’s PAS-403 is a cannabinoid-based program for glioblastoma.

Mitacs involvement drives tremendous value. The not-for-profit has collaborated with 60 universities and thousands of companies and governments. Supporting industrial and social innovation, it is funded by both Canadian federal and provincial government as well as universities and industry partners.


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