University Hospital Waterford’s crucial cath lab will close for up to three months of maintenance, dealing a blow to local residents in need of critical emergency cardiac services in the South East part of Ireland. The institution gets placed on SiteWatch Challenged.

Cardiac care in Wexford and surrounding counties was dealt a huge blow after it emerged that the cath lab would be closed for at least 12 weeks to “facilitate replacement and upgrading of existing Cath Lab equipment.” This closure means that local patients must now travel to Cork University Hospital or St. James Hospital in Dublin—significant treks for a patient in emergency need as the University Hospital Cath Lab is the only such lab catering for emergency cardiac procedures in the South East.

Critics Chime in

Why wouldn’t there be contingency plans to have some facilities running in the Waterford location? Seems like bad planning. As reported in the Independent, Ireland councilor Ger Carthy accuses the government of “gambling with people’s lives.”

Clinical Research

The institution is involved with clinical trials and, although it is doubtful if this latest action directly impacts any clinical trial, it does evidence planning issues. Hence, the provider site is placed on Site Watch Challenged.

Source: Gorey Guaridan

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