In what is representing a wave of prominent research center clinical trials “discovery platform” University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) represents the very first in the NHS to use a structured clinical terminology to match available clinical trials to diagnosed conditions in patient’s electronic medical records.

Jon Hoeksma writes for Digital Health that the new system launched by UCLH offers research staff superior visibility into clinical research underway at the NHS.

UCLH Clinical Trials

UCLH has one of the largest clinical trials programs including commercially sponsor studied within the NHS trust.  In 2018, UCLH recruited over 15,000 patients into studies—at any one time they may have thousands of trials and the revenue generated gets directed back into trust research programs.

Intelligent Matching via Keytrials Open Platform for Clinical Trials Discovery

UCLH has designed an interesting and potentially powerful solution by leveraging the electronic health records of the Trust—and capitalizing on structured clinically coded data such as SNOWMED-CT.  In this way, the system can pair clinical trials with specific patients in a more granular and precise manner. This new system, called Keytrials, was developed by Dr. Wai Keon Wong, consultant haematologist, and chief research information officer at UCLH. The system took three years to develop and was supported with seed-funding from the Biomedical Research Centre.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Wai Keon Wong, Consultant Haematologist, and Chief Research Information Officer at UCLH

Source: Digital Health

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