Universities Start Up:  Life Science Value Creation and University Participation

Mar 31, 2019 | Academic Medical Center, Intellectual Property, University

Stephanie Goldberg from Modern Healthcare reports universities are moving more aggressively into the start-up process as bigger companies become less active in early stage investment.  To support this point, Goldberg’s article quotes Stephen Susalka, CEO of the Association of Technology Transfer Professionals, who notes that “companies are moving further and further down the development path…and that creating this enlarged ‘valley of death.’”

Universities are entering into the startup ecosystem equation—increasingly arranging for novel commercialization deals to unleash new inventions, ideas and ultimately the hope—value. And in some cases that can be significant such as the recent Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) 20X return from the sale of Spark Therapeutics. University technology offices begin to look more like business incubators and early stage venture capital than the more traditional paradigm of patent licensing deals with companies.  Click the link below to read more of Ms. Goldberg’s interesting story including examples of university revenue generation from their startup ventures.


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