A  recent report published by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) highlights that the United Kingdom has the highest number of early-stage clinical trials in Europe counting 400 Phase I and Phase II trials originating in the NHS by 2017. The UK also ranked third in regard to Phase III trials starting in 2017 in Europe—German and Spain topped the list.

Brexit introduced volatility and uncertainty to the social, political and economic order of Europe. Perhaps marking the resurgence of a nationalist—biased paradigm, the British policy makers cautioned that the departure from the European Union “undermines the attractiveness of the UK as a destination for clinical research.”

Stability for the UK research environment  is of paramount concern for the ABPI authors: a new framework needs to be established that ensures regulatory and governance alignment between the UK and EU when it comes to clinical research.

The UK must not rest on its laurels. While it has established an enviable position in cutting-edge, early-stage clinical research evidencing their strength as a nation of research and development leading to new advanced medicines and vaccines, Ms. Sheuli Porkess, executive director of research, medical and innovation for ABPI cautioned “there’s no room for complacency.”

Source: ABPI

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