UC San Diego Identifies Precision Medicine with Combo Therapies Improves Cancer Outcomes

May 9, 2019 | Cancer, Oncology, Precision Medicine Instrumentation Laboratory

University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers have found treating patients with personalized, combination therapies improved outcomes in patients with therapy resistant cancers, reports Yadira Galindo with UCSD Health newsroom.

Precision oncology often relies on treating patients with a single, molecularly matched therapy targeting one mutation in their tumor reports Galindo. UCSD investigator Jason K. Sicklick, MD notes “response rates to therapies that target one alteration can be low and not durable. Our approach went beyond targeting a single alternation.” He continued, “in collaboration with a multi-specialty team of oncology experts, we formulated a personalized combination therapy for each patient. With this approach, we saw an increased response rate, as well as improved overall survival and progression-free survival in patients who were highly matched to treatment versus those who were unmatched or less well-matched.”

Sicklick receives funding for this research from a combination of private foundation and ongoing industry contribution.
Follow the link below to the source for the entire fascinating and important results.

Lead Research/Investigator

Jason K. Sicklick, MD, associate professor of surgery UC San Diego School of Medicine


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