UC Davis Continues to Set Research Funding Records with $941m Awarded in Fiscal 2019-2020

Sep 1, 2020 | COVID-19, Leading Sites, News, Research Grants, Site Success, Site Watch

UC Davis Continues to Set Research Funding Records with $941m Awarded in Fiscal 2019-2020

University of California, Davis continues to set a new record for external research funding in fiscal year 2019-2020 securing $941.2 million, an increase from a record set in the previous year of 2018 of $94.5 million. Reflecting a recognition of excellence and achievement in a number of subject areas; in the life sciences, this critical work centers in therapies for pancreatic cancer to disability research to spillover zoonotic diseases. As noted by the UC’s Chancellor Gary S. May, the continued record setting recognizes UC Davis as a key national research leader “during these historic times.”

Research & COVID-19

UC Davis researchers have been applying their specific expertise to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic as over two dozen grants totaling $2.4 million were awarded during fiscal year 2019-20. COVID-19 grants have funded multiple clinical trials and the development of novel vaccine strategies to other research involving strategies for helping those struggling with poverty deal with social distancing in the age of COVID-19.  

Prasant Mohapatra, vice chancellor for research, commented, “Our researchers’ eagerness and ability to quickly respond to the pandemic is a testament to their passion and mission-driven focus to provide critical insight and solutions that help our global community.”

In general, the level of research funding associated with cross-disciplinary research units, where experts from different fields of study collaborate on projects, has been one of the fastest growing segments over the last five years — climbing 162 percent. One of these units, the California National Primate Research Center, received a $3.8 million award to develop a model to study early Alzheimer’s disease. Another, the Air Quality Research Center, received $3.75 million for the assessment and mitigation of wildfire-induced air pollution.

Source: UC Davis


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