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Type 2 Diabetes Study: Most No Need for Home Self-Testing: Great Amounts of Money Wasted

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The Herald Tribune picked up on a NY Times commentary that the best research reports that it is a waste of money and time to test blood sugar at home! The article reports billions of dollars is wasted, in aggregate, from this process. Type 2 diabetes is different than Type 1. In the latter, blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration is a standard of care—patients are expected to check their blood sugar a few times per data and take insulin to augment what the pancreas would have produced.  In the former (Type 2), patients do not need to manage such a schedule. They maintain their insulin levels from regular administration of the prescribed drugs on a set schedule.

This evidence arises from specific studies designed to help ensure the best standard of care is adhered too. Well-designed monitoring studies reveal that of the more than 23% of Type 2 patients that were using testing strips, more than 50% of them were doing so despite clear recommendations that they shouldn’t do so.  At a cost of more than $325 per patient per two testing strips, clearly some companies are making lots of money off this practice—yet it is not necessarily needed.


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