Greg Slabodkin writing for Health Data Management reports on a White House Office of American Innovation forum held today to bring stakeholders together to address the sharing of electronic health information.  Many TrialSite News readers have a keen interest in the move toward national health data interoperability—generating new heretofore possibilities for real world clinical research; precision and personalized health and data-driven precision clinical trial patient recruitment as just some important consequences from nationwide interoperability.

Slabodkin reports that President Trump created the Office of American Innovation last year to be directed by Jared Kushner.  The group has already held listening sessions on the challenges to achieving interoperable health IT.  Kushner is leading the event to discuss “significant policy and operational progress” as well as “next steps” for achieving nationwide interoperability.  Key health IT professionals are invited including Stan Huff, MD chief informatics officer from Intermountain Healthcare.   Doug Fridsma, MD and CEO of the American Medical Informatics Association was quoted that there are “pockets” of interoperability around the United States where there is “good” exchange of health information and of course many other areas that have not fared as well on the interoperability front. The CMS under the Trump administration appears to take interoperability seriously as well as putting patients at the center of care. TrialSite News will follow the results of this meeting closely and report on any material updates.

Source: Health Data Management

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