Top 10 Site Cluster Analysis Summary

Jun 20, 2018 | Blog, General, Investigator Content, Site Watch, TrialSite News LLC Content

TrialSite News LLC maintains a comprehensive global research investigator site databases. We continue to undertake comprehensive analyses of registered investigator sites worldwide.  The ongoing results are fascinating.  The top 10 countries include 1) USA  2) France  3) Italy 4) China 5) China 6) Canada 7) Germany 8) Spain 9) UK and 10) Korea.  The distribution is highly skewed toward lower-end overall. The US by far represents largest proportion (over 50%). Clusters by region and by city within the country are even more telling. The geographic distribution of sites paints a certain picture.  The data represented by different attributes (phase, therapeutic area, etc.) raises more questions than answers).


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