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Trial Spark’s New Model—Bring the Clinical Trial to the Local Doctor’s Office

Clinical Trials

TrialSpark is a technology company that aims to bring treatments to patients faster by reimagining drug development. Founded in 2013, TrialSpark has scaled a network of trial sites by partnering with doctors to create clinical trial sites within their existing practices. TrialSpark runs trials out of these doctor practices using a roaming cohort of certified research coordinators, optimized by software, data, and technology. Without variability in operations at the trial site level, TrialSpark cuts out the manual, time intensive, and costly tasks that delay clinical trial timelines. By creating trial sites with doctors, TrialSpark unlocks the 98 percent of patients who have never been exposed to trials, boosting recruitment and enrollment rates and democratizing access.  Together, TrialSpark and Novartis can also potentially reach a more diverse range of patients, enhance the quality and quantity of data captured, and potentially bring better, more effective, treatments to patients faster. These new trial sites, located in the New York City metro area, will specifically be used to test a treatment for ankylosing spondylitis, a progressive chronic rheumatological disease that can be debilitating.   Read the company’s press release for more interesting information.


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