Top Scripps Scientists, Creator of First Unnatural Base Pair, Exits with No Explanation

Aug 11, 2019 | Investigator Content, Romesberg, Floyd M.D. Content, Scripps

Floyd Romesberg, M.D.

Floyd Romesberg, elite Scripps researcher and scientific founder of Synthorx has abruptly departed from the prestigious Scripps Research of La Jolla, San Diego. He was recently cleared of Title IX investigation regarding possible sexual discrimination but was cleared and found to have not done anything wrong.

Romesberg is known for leading the team that created the first Unnatural Base Pair (UBP), thus extending the genetic alphabet of four letters to six in 2012, the first semi-synthetic organism in 2014, and the first semi-synthetic organism that can reproduce its genetic material in successive offspring in 2017.


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