Timur Alptunaer, MD Talks About his Experience with COVID-19 and Emergency Disaster Preparedness S2 E12

Apr 4, 2020 | Digital Media, Podcast

Timur Alptunaer, MD

We ask Dr. Alptunaer about his experience dealing with COVID-19 in Washington at this time.

  • Although TrialSite News focuses on clinical research we are surely interested in improving, progressing the entire healthcare system.
  • We have noticed many doctors must work for big health care systems now and that that there is less engagement and connection with the patient—has this been your experience? What about COVID-19? What are your thoughts on this pandemic? Should our federal government been more prepared? What about state governments? Public health agencies? Your thoughts are appreciated.
  • We have seen some researchers warn about a “Bat Corona Virus” that could be more dangerous. It is scary how this virus has evolved to be far more contagious. Do you think there is more of this coming.
  • We know you have emergency disaster preparedness background. Can you share how relevant that is to the novel coronavirus pandemic today?
  • What lessons learned did you pick up on that are relevant too today?
  • The government appears to have been caught flatfooted in our response. In fact we did the local New Orleans podcast and found that few actually were there to help in an orchestrated way at first Is this your general observation? We know you were in disaster readiness at some point…Do you have ideas of how we are doing with COVID-19? How can we improve? What could have been done earlier? Testing? More containment, etc.?
  • We did an article that it appears China censored a good deal of the information in at least Dec. 2019- and perhaps even in Nov. If so, they indirectly causes the lives of many more people. If this is true, do you think that the censure of COVID there made it worse in some ways?
  • Have you ever been involved with any clinical research? If yes could you share your high-level experience and what importance you place on real world evidence studies (e.g. use of large troves of electronic health data).
  • Do you think the experiences from COVID-19 will help contribute to a new and more accessible health care model? E.g. insurance companies make coverage easier, etc.

You can learn more about Dr. Alptunaer below:



PACE conference in Mexico on hospital evacuation. https://paceforum.org/ ASTRO (Radiation Oncology) telepresentation (zoom) on my experience with COVID and current practice trends/perspectives from an Emergency Medicine Physician.

Watch and listen here on YouTube as well


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