Thermo Fisher Scientific CRISPR Libraries May Transform How Researchers Use CRISPR to open novel drug discovery

Jun 1, 2019 | CRISPR, Genetic, Libraries

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new gene editing tool will help researchers find therapies for cancer and other diseases. Called the Invitrogen LentiArray CRISPR Libraries, it is a ready-to-use array of knockout libraries for the human genome. The library suite offers researchers a new set of tools to discover key targets for disease therapies and shed new light on complex biological pathways reports Laboratory Equipment.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a link to the product’s website. Features include:

  • Advanced gRNA designs for maximum knockout efficiency without sacrificing specificity
  • Up to four high quality gRNAs per gene target for efficient knockout in a wide variety of cell types
  • Delivered as high titer, ready-to-use lentivirus or as glycerol stocks
  • Complete set of controls and lentiviruses against single gene targets available to support pre-screen assay development and to perform rapid post screen hit validation
  • Defined libraries (19) and custom options available allowing you to focus on defined gene sets or perform unbiased whole genome surveys.

Follow the link to the source document and contact information.


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