The Watchlist Series: Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Picks Up Steam | S1 E12

Jul 5, 2020 | Digital Media, Video, Watchlist Series

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Welcome To The Watchlist Series.

Potential Game Changer: Operation Warp Speed Gains Momentum: Operation Warp Speed represents an impressive collaborative effort among federal government authority, agencies and initiatives that have an aggressive set of targets, including a safety and effective vaccine by January 2021. Never before would a vaccine be developed at such speed, hence the term “warp” borrowed from Captain James T. Kirk’s Starship Enterprise.…
AND Pressure for a COVID-19 Vaccine by U.S. Election; Traditional Vaccine Platforms Left Out of “Operation Warp Speed” A June 22nd article from The Guardian looks at whether the FDA is under pressure to approve a vaccine prior to the November U.S. election. According to their article, The context for this includes FDA’s recent revocation of the EUA for Hydroxychloroquine. Other symptoms of pressure include early approval of ineffective antibody tests and the FDA’s, “tight rein on private lab testing” up to March 13. “The worry here is that they will use the [EUA] standard” to approve a vaccine, according to , a medical professor at the University of Pennsylvania and former Obama White House health policy adviser. Emanuel is concerned that a poor vaccine would cause folks to ignore social distancing and face covering rules.…


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