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TrialSite News is, above all, dedicated to transparency and access to clinical trials with an emphasis on clinical research sites and investigators—those who are on the front lines of clinical research.

We bring to light the events and highlights of the clinical research—from translational research to clinical trials—that we believe patients and health professionals should know about.From life-saving therapies to unacceptable behaviors centering on greed and corruption, we cover it all.

One such case of highly questionable practices came to our attention in the case of Errant Gene Therapeutics.

We first covered them in our article, which has thousands of views, “A Familyman’s Battle Against the Forefront of Capitalist Medicine: The Case of Errant Gene Therapeutics.” We kept our audiences informed thereafter with “Follow-Up on Errant Gene Therapeutics: Their Major Victory in New York Court,” “Summaries of Errant Gene Therapeutics vs. Sloan Kettering Court Exhibits,” and finally, “Their Justice-Driven Road to Prosecution:Errant Gene Therapeutics vs. Third Rock Ventures.”


North America’s Only Museum Devoted to Surgery


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