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The Use of Facebook Advertising to Recruit Healthy Elderly People for a Clinical Trial: Baseline Metrics


Facebook and other social networks are increasingly used to source, engage and recruit patients for clinical trials. This research was published and accessible via the NIH/NCBI/NIM.  The research concluded that at least in this research instance targeting healthy, elderly people, Facebook was a superior approach than to other traditional methods of outreach. For example, in the Facebook control group an 8 week advertising campaign contributed to 868 inquiries made regarding a Phase 1 clinical trial. Conversely, over an 11 week period of recruitment traditional methods of outreach only generated 178 inquiries.  More fascinating the healthy elderly population were far more engaged and interactive with the Facebook approach. The 4.92% engagement rate was more than twice as high as click-through rates of younger adults engaged with social media advertising in other clinical trial recruitment studies.  The researchers from Tetra Discovery Partners Inc. concluded that Advertising placed on the social media platform Facebook is effective with the healthy volunteer population aged 60 years and older. This approach can quickly and cost-effectively reach qualified candidates for clinical trial recruitment as a supplement to traditional means of recruiting.


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