The Nexus Between Industry & Academia Leads to Discovery

Jan 13, 2020 | Academia, Collaboration, Drug Development, Drug Discovery, Industry

The Nexus Between Industry & Academia Leads to Discovery

Biopharma industry sponsors, government, and academia increasingly work together to figure out how to optimize arrangements and processes to accelerate clinical research.

The recent launching of the New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science, (NJACTS) an academic consortium between Rutgers, Princeton University and New Jersey Institute of Technology at the Rutgers institute for Translational Medicine and Science, recently celebrated its $29 million award, sponsoring a health care event at Rutgers’ Piscataway campus.

Academia increasingly seeks to tap into and access research capital from government, non-profit research foundations and industry sponsors to leverage its deep human and intellectual capital to accelerate drug discovery and development. NJACTS epitomizes the new collaborative imperative for health care groups, from hospitals, non-profits, community health centers, outpatient practices, industry and others to partner and collaborate to translate clinical research more expeditiously and efficiently into care and treatment. 

Older borders, boundaries, and barriers are breaking down; and patient and health professional demand drives organizations to change so that human health care needs can be met. Follow the link to ROI New Jersey to learn more about these collaborative efforts in the important State of New Jersey, where many of the largest pharma companies are headquartered or operate.

Source: ROINJ