Texas Oncology-Tyler Leads Clinical Research Breakthroughs from East Texas

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Texas Oncology-Tyler (part of Texas Oncology) was founded in 1968 by a forward-thinking group of physicians who shared a vision to chart their course—with a better way to provide cancer care. Together they made community-based cancer treatment a reality starting in East Texas. As assuming as the natural beautify of East Texas, Texas Oncology-Tyler has become an unlikely hub for leading-edge cancer research. They have grown from a department of one volunteer nurse to a multitalented clinical research facility, participating in clinical trials leading to the FDA approval of breakthrough chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments. They have helped develop more than 90 FDA-approved cancer-fighting drugs—one-third of cancer therapies to date!

Texas Oncology-Tyler offers patients high-quality care and national clinical trials in their hometowns across Texas. Folks regardless of economic status and location can now find elite, advanced clinical research in their backyard thanks to this authentically Texas clinical oncology provider and clinical investigative site.

Patients have been the Key

Much of the credit, reports the Tyler Morning Telegraph, goes to the patients of Texas Oncology-Tyler. Patients in Texas have gone above and beyond to contribute to cutting-edge investigational research. It is reported that as much as 20% of cancer clinical trials fail due to insufficient patient enrollment. That isn’t the case in Tyler Texas, where the treatments and cures for the next generation get tested right in the backyard of residents. 

33% of FDA-approved Agents have gone through the Texas Oncology-Tyler Clinical Trial Network

That’s right—more than one-third of all research goes through this influential organization in East Texas. Texas Oncology-Tyler is a prominent Phase I clinical research center in Texas. The work of this elite organization has been honored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for excellence in community research.

Leading the Way

Texas Oncology-Tyler has led notable advancements in cancer care where the most advanced studies focusing on areas such as high-dose-rate brachytherapy and immunotherapy gets extensively studied there. Breakthrough therapies such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy will be available in a big way to local patients.

25th Anniversary & The Two Co-Founders

As they have completed 25 years they will continue to be eager champions of cancer research—on a mission to help patients live better, longer lives.   Dr. Donald Richards, a medical oncologist, and Dr. Mark Saunders, radiation oncologist are the co-founders still at work. Dr. Gary Kimmel, another co-founder, died in 2018.

Clinical Trials 

Texas Oncology is a leader in groundbreaking cancer research and clinical trials in Texas, paving the way for breakthroughs in cancer care. Texas Oncology patients may be eligible to participate in pathbreaking clinical trials. Clinical research here includes:

  • Prevention Trials focus on preventing cancer or recurrence. For example, the trial might focus on the use of vitamins, different medications or a change in diet or exercise to determine if the risk of developing cancer is lowered
  • Screening Trials focus on identifying and detecting cancer in people who do not exhibit symptoms of cancer.
  • Diagnostic Trials determine who to identify cancers using new tests. Often, these trials involve participants who show signs or symptoms of particular cancer.
  • Treatment Trials are designed to answer questions about new treatments, such as drugs, surgical procedures, vaccines, or therapies. They involve current cancer patients.

For clinical trials at Texas Oncology-Tyler see the link for a list of studies.

Texas Oncology

Texas Oncology is a network of 460+ physicians and oncology specialists who provide advanced treatment options (technology, clinical trials, and research) to cancer patients in underserved rural and urban communities throughout Texas, with one office in New Mexico and one in Oklahoma. More than 68,000 patients are treated within the Texas Oncology network annually

Texas Oncology doctors treat cancer, blood disorders, and related chronic diseases and specialize in medical oncology, hematology, gynecologic oncology, pediatric hematology/oncology, radiation oncology, breast and urology care.

Call to Action: Do you live in Texas and have a cancer diagnosis in the family? Visit Texas Oncology to learn more about treatment and research options. Are you a commercial sponsor working on oncology research—consider Texas Oncology as a research site partner.


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