Tel Aviv University Developed Technology Represents Novel Brain Activity Monitor

Nov 4, 2018 | Brain Monitoring, CNS, Tel-Aviv University

By leveraging technology developed by Israel’s Tel Aviv University, Neurosteer has developed a three-electrode neurological monitor that provides multiple brain activity monitors. As reported in HealthEuropa, the system uses proprietary, real-time algorithms which run on the cloud and produce biomarkers that can be read using any web interface. The biomarkers are associated with various forms of cognitive load, emotional states, stress, pain, abnormal (epileptic) activity, disorders of consciousness, sleep stages and levels of anesthesia.

Who is Neurosteer? Founded in 2015 to capitalize on the University of Tel Aviv technology, it is an Israeli-based start-up neurotechnology venture monitoring and interpreting EEG data from three electrodes for medical, wellness and gaming applications. Its founder, Nathan Intrator,  has been a professor of computer science at Tel-Aviv University since 1992. A review of LinkedIn evidences approximately 10 to 15 employees at the 3.5 year old venture. According to the website CrunchBase, the venture is funded by Arkady Volozh a Russian billionaire and founder of Yandex (one of the largest internet companies).  The company reports some interesting activities including:

Neurosteer’s founder appears to be on the brilliant spectrum; he has developed a compelling technology at his Tel-Aviv University, which undoubtedly has entered into some licensing arrangement. They have secured initial seed funding from one of the world’s billionaires and have an active pipeline of relevant partnership activities. Additionally, they are addressing large markets however complex and subject to risk factors, including compliance, data protection, etc. TrialSite News review of this venture leads us to believe it has a large potential upside.


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