Technion University Investigator Developing Next Generation Drug Delivery Platform

Sep 28, 2019 | Cancer, Drug Delivery, Oncology, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Marcelle Machluf is one of Israel’s top female researchers, winning numerous awards over an impressive career. Working with Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Professor Machluf’s primary investigation pursues the development of a “nano-ghost technology,” one of the smallest but most powerful drug and gene delivery systems for cancer patients.

The Research Pursuit

Part of Technion’s Biotechnology and Food Engineering Department, the Jerusalem Post recently reported that the nano-ghost idea began in 2007 and professor Machluf began actively working on the top in 2009.

Superior Drug Delivery System?

The nano ghost technology offers a novel, versatile and highly selective targeted-delivery platform—the hope, reports the Jerusalem Post, is that this technology may overcome current limitations of conventional drug delivery systems. Professor Machluf notes the nano-ghost is “like a bus” where “You load the bus with drugs and it drives them to the site of the tumor while sparing normal tissues.”

Intellectual Property Patented

The technology is patented in the United States and Europe. The first research projects are centered on using the nano-ghost for cancer but it is hoped that the platform can be used for other disease areas where severe inflammatory response.

Launching a Venture to Focus on Clinical Trials

Professor Machluf hopes to secure initial capital to launch a startup by the High Holidays. The initial milestone will be to focus on bringing the nano-ghost platform to clinical trials. The Jerusalem Post reports that a committee of experts will determine the types of cancers or tumors the clinical trials will focus on and what type of drug will be administered by the nano-ghost.

Clinical Trials

Once trials commence, Professor Machluf plans on commencing a Phase I clinical trial which could take as long as four years; Phase II could take three more years.

Product to Research in Israel

Israel is known as “Start-up Nation” and Machluf is a product to be producing the nano-ghost system in the country. Machluf notes she is following in a long line of scientist-entrepreneurs in Israel—” a highly esteemed place in the world of cancer research.”

Lead Research/Investigator

Professor Marcelle Machluf

Call to Action: Professor Machluf is starting a new venture to move the nano-ghost platform into clinical trials. If this is a topic of interest sign up for the newsletter as we will continue to monitor the effort.


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