TCS Gets Into The Investigator Site Selection & Feasibility Business

Aug 3, 2019 | Clinical Trials Operations, Site Feasibility, Site Identification, Study Start-up

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Global technology consultancy Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) launched it’s Advanced Drug Development (ADD) Site Feasibility Platform which offers life sciences companies an integrated offering for clinical trial site activation and studies start-up acceleration and efficiencies.

The Offering

TCS is clearly seeking to expand its life science business by introducing a new and what they hope to be highly demanded service offering which includes:

  1. Selection of the right sites for the clinical trials
  2. Patient population
  3. Investigator profiles
  4. Treatment facilities and other parameters

Unbelievably much of this process is still done via manual processes or outsources to contract research organizations (CROs).

A Software & Service Offering

TCS touts that this data-driven platform consolidates data from multiple systems and sources within a central knowledge repository. They state that the system can be used to identify the sites best suited for a given study protocol, with the most appropriate patient population and investigators.

Digitizing and automating the entire assessment and selection process, they purport to enable efficient and coordinated management of hundreds of concurrent clinical trial feasibility studies. Additionally, this new marketed capability integrates with the TCS Connected Clinical Trials e-Survey Platform—offering clients the ability to survey investigators directly from the system.


TCS and other Indian consultancies must move toward higher value-added offerings to remain competitive in the life science space. Western firms such as Accenture or Deloitte are not immune from the competition either. CROs run in some cases proportionate numbers of study and they too have site identification and feasibility offerings.

Competitive Forces

Clinical research and associated trials become far more complex and riskier and the old commodity model of “give me as many sites as possible to secure as many patients have possible” is long gone. Now with private equity-back clinical investigator sites, we expect far more sophisticated research site data-driven offerings for example—as well as new clinical research as a care option models as clinical research moves toward specialization, personalization and tailored gene and cell therapy platforms.


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