Taproot Health: Talk About Creating a National Oncology Database & Research Marketplace S2 | E05

Feb 12, 2020 | Digital Media, Podcast


“The only way we will cure cancer is if we work together to collect and share scientific rigorous data on thousands of patients in a transparent way that also protects patient privacy.” Dr. Dane Dickson

Taproot Health has signed memorandums of understanding with several National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers and community oncology clinics to conduct a master observational trial with the aim of collecting and sharing data that will help advance precision oncology. Read more here

We talk to Taproot Health, a data-as-a-service enterprise uniting oncology stakeholders, which is powered by a patient and clinic-centric model of shared data and revenue mediated through proprietary methods and technology. The guests we spoke with were Dane Dickson, Ceo and Founder, and Rebecca Owens, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Taproot Health. 

You can reach Dr. Dane Dickson here

You can reach Taproot here

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