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Study Links the Criminal Justice System and Opioid Use


As reported in The Fix “individuals with a history of opioid use are up to 13 times more likely to be involved in some manner of law enforcement or justice system officials, including arrest, parole or probation.” The study was led by New York University, the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Research as well as others.  The study was based on “data from more than 78,000 respondents to a national survey on drug use.”

TrialSite News staff are currently involved with community health care coordination initiatives in locations including Los Angeles County.   We can observe first-hand the importance of the need for greater involvement of criminal justice in providing treatment options. We consider incarceration a “social determinant of health” and this study reinforces what we know—that a whole person care model of the type being experimented with across the country represents a critical step to achieve the Triple Aim of improved individual and population health outcomes as well as overall lowering of healthcare costs.

Research/Investigative Site

New York University

The University of Colorado School of Medicine

Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Research

Hennepin Healthcare

Lead Research/Investigator

Tyler Winkelman, clinical investigator, Hennepin Healthcare

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