Stanford Univ & CareDX Sue Natera for Patent Infringement

Mar 27, 2019 | cfDNA testing, News, Patent Breech

Patent Infringement

Silicon Valley’s Stanford University has teamed up with transplant diagnostic venture to sue genetic testing company Natera for patent infringement.  The stakes are big. The litigation centers on cell-free DNA testing (cfDNA)—involves blood tests that enable physicians to understand what’s happening in someone’s body.

CareDX was founded 19 years ago. Nestled adjacent to a hillside just south of San Francisco, they have filed recent lawsuits that two of its patents give it exclusive right to non-invasively diagnose graft rejection in a wide array of organ transplants via cfDNA testing. These patents were owned by Stanford but licensed to CareDX according to TechCrunch. Follow the link to read the entire article.


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