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St. Charles Psychiatric Associates Leads Spravato Trial in the Midwest


A fast-track anti-depression medication is being tested at investigator sites around the country.  In St. Louis, Missouri, St. Charles Psychiatric Associates, are conducting the study and in fact is the first Midwestern investigator facility in the region and the third nationwide to administer the trial.

Led by internationally known psychiatrist Dr. Greg Mattingly, this is the first new anti-depression medicine that has been fast tracked by the FDA in many years.  Thus far the results look promising.

Known as Spravato, the medication is used as a nasal spray or injected into the patient.  According to local news source, Fox 2 Now, Dr. Mattingly reports promising results thus far.  The first-ever medication to target a different chemical in the brain, it could represent a transformative new treatment for those struggling with depression. The promise is significant—so much so that the FDA has designated the medication “breakthrough status.”

Nicole Passarelli of St. Louis is participating in the trial.  Struggling with major depression since high school, the 23-year old was even suicidal.  Ms. Passarelli noted to Fox 2 Now that her life has changed since taking the medication.  “Spravato gave me a push to want more, to be able to go and make my own goals, and to think of a future for myself” she was quoted. Since then she has been an A student in college.

Spravato is made by Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

St. Charles Psychiatric Associates is connected to CenterPointe Hospital, a free-standing psychiatric hospital. Their state of the art facility includes convenient parking, free WIFI, patient waiting area, television, lab, EKG’s, and blood processing center. Their clinical research facility has been involved with over 150 clinical trials.  These studies have contributed to several medications now accessible to the public.

Lead Research/Investigator

Greg Mattingly


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