South Carolina Government Agencies Shares State Citizen Health Data with Researchers

Dec 17, 2018 | Clinical Trials, Data Protection, HIPAA, Privacy and Data Protection

Ruck Brundrett reports with government monitoring news site The Nerve that the state of South Carolina manages a massive data base that contains private health information of state residents. The existing database contains medical claims data provided the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, including date of birth, medical treatment records, etc. Apparently, over the past couple years members from “an obscure state panel” provided information to public and private-sector researchers for sensitive information contained in the health data warehouse. The requesters included academic research centers and perhaps commercial clinical sponsors. The South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs (RFA) office created the database in 2002. Apparently due to state privacy law and “inter-agency” agreements dilute citizen privacy protection according to The Nerve research. Mr. Brundrett reports that the agency approved 72 to 83 information requests. Apparently many of them are coming from academic research investigators.


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