Sofosbuvir Effective in Clearing Patients of Chikungunya & Yellow Fever Virus

Dec 20, 2018 | Sofosbuvir, Virus, Yellow Fever Virus

University of São Paulo Biomedical Science Institute (ICB-USP) Brazil recently completed a clinical trial revealing that sofosbuvir is capable of eliminating chikungunya virus and yellow fever virus. As reported in MedicalXpress, the drug proved to be considerably effective in ridding patients of the virus. Follow the link to read further about this interesting breakthrough. Sofosbuvir is a medication used for treatment of hepatitis C in combinations with other select medications.

The article notes that this discovery represents a significant public health implication as a chikungunya epidemic has been forecast for the coming two years in Brazil. “Drug development is extremely costly and time-consuming. The process takes 12 years on average between the start of research and bringing the drug to market. The cost is on the order of U.S. $1.5 billion or more,” Freitas-Junior said. “Sofosbuvir has been fully approved for human use. This means it can be readied for use against chikungunya in one to three years, for a much lower cost, estimated at approximately US$500,000,” reported in MedicalXpress.

Lead Research/Investigator

Rafaela Milan Bonotto


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