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SiteWatch: University of Alabama Research Powerhouse


The University of Alabama (UAB) medical enterprise has been built on powerful growth initiated over a decade ago. UAB has established new institutes and research centers while also deepening its leadership bench adding experts in various fields from biomedical engineering to precision medicine.

Some key metrics:

  • Surgeries increased nearly 20% in last five years
  • Outpatient clinic visits have jumped more than 30% to nearly 1.5 million
  • NIH funding for research at the School of Medicine has surgered more than $100 million making UAB’s rate of growth placing UAB among the nation’s elite academic medical centers
  • By 2018, nearly $233 million—underscoring its role as a “bench-to-bedside” medical research. This figure places UAB at No. 8 in the most recent rankings of NIH funding for all US academic medical centers


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