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SiteWatch: Troubling Events with Nova Scotia Health Provider


A well-known surgeon in a Nova Scotian community has been unable to find work even though there is a need for providers in the area. As reported in CBC News by Michael Gorman, Dr. Jeannie MacGillivray raised concerns about the job burnout at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital for two years. Seeking an improved work-life balance, she resigned from the position and then found herself blackballed from other regional hospitals. Gorman notes that the physician raised concerns for several years-proposing ideas on how to make conditions better. She resigned in order to take a part time position, but then was placed on full rotation. MacGillivray then fully resigned.

There are always two sides to the story. The local hospitals in this rural Nova Scotia region have a business to run, but physicians are key talent in the sense that they are key to the well-being of a health system. Considering other factors as well, there are considerable physician shortages, especially in rural areas. Based on our cursory level research, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital’s foundation is involved with clinical research.

TrialSite News exists to shed light on clinical research sites worldwide. Although this story is not about the foundation or any research activities, physicians are fundamental contributors in the clinical research value chain. How an institution treats their physician could be indicative of how they treat their clinical researchers. Healthcare and clinical research is driven by human capital (knowledge workers that bring specialized knowledge, skills and capabilities). A solid executive management team understands this and seeks a balance of business priority and human capital motivation, because without the latter, it is difficult to maintain and sustain the former in the healthcare and clinical research business.


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