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SiteWatch: John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Child Deaths


WTSP 10 News reports organizational changes and resignations at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital because of recent child deaths.  A recent Tampa Bay Times report noted that government regulators were alerted to serious problems in the heart surgery program at the hospital. The death rate for heart surgery patients at All Children’s tripled between 2015 and 2017.  According to the Times article, “the hospital’s Heart Institute” performed worse in 2017 than any pediatric heart surgery program in Florida had in the past decade.” Apparently, a growing concern about safety was raised by medical professionals there since 2015. However, the hospital continued to take on complicated cases—despite the warnings and even more surgeries having negative outcomes. Compounding the problem, regulators appeared to have dropped the ball.

U.S. Representatives Kathy Castor and Charlie Crist became involved by writing letters to the federal agency that oversees health care funding to express concerns. As quoted in the Tamp Bay Times piece, Representative Castor wondered whether the hospital’s “drive for revenue was prioritized over children’s health.”  U.S. Representative Gus Bilirakis, R-Palm Harbor noted that the deaths were “extremely concerning.” TrialSite News suspects revenue generation at the cost of growing quality of care problems. The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital brand will be impacted negatively by these results.


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