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Oxford Hospitals Face Growing Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health

Why are Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (OUH) staff combating stress and mental health challenges? With over 12,000 staff significant challenges lurk everywhere. In the first three months of this year 126 staff at county hospitals were referred to the occupational health team for mental health problems which soared 27% last year. Managers admit there is a growing problem. Apparently between April 2017 and March 2018 a total of 1,665 staff were referred to occupational health.  Of these incidents, mental health represented 25% of cases.

The trust runs John Radcliffe and Churchill hospitals in Headington which apparently have already instituted measures to help staff cope with stress and pressure.

A number of stress factors exist including pay imbalances. Moreover surveys have shows that 62% of the trust staff would regularly work beyond their contracted hours without being paid, while 42% reported work-related stress had made them ill. Only 25% of staff believe their management is taking positive actions for staff mental health and wellbeing.

These institutions are conducting a number of clinical trials and the material challenges employees on the health delivery side are facing could very well be happening within clinical research groups as well.  In a clinical research environment high levels of stress, fatigue and workspace angst can lead to critical errors that compromise GcP/compliance operations.  TrialSite News will monitor this situation and hope to determine that Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust will take steps to mitigate challenges and ensure employee conditions are improved.


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