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Site Watch: Ohio State Makes Strides in Diabetes Research


Columbus Business First reports that Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is researching tirelessly to find diabetes cures. Ohio State experts are focused on diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2), endocrinology and metabolism as well as advancing care for those with diabetes. They include specialists who provide consultation and expert services for patients in addition to breakthrough studies in pursuit of new ways to understand diabetes at the molecular level. The ultimate hope is to develop new, novel treatments for diabetes.

For example Kristin Stanford, an assistant professor, recently discovered the role of “brown fat” which could lead to changes in how people enhance muscle function, lower blood lipid levels such as triglycerides and burn more energy to help treat obesity and type 2 diabetes. Stanford recently led a study that reveals that a lipid produced by brown fat, called a lipokine, would surge post exercise. This held true across a range of demographics, ages, gender, etc. The study may reveal that lipokines may be regulated by exercise and hence highlights a new role that brown fat may play I the metabolic benefits of exercise. Stanford reports that “we know that exercise is great for metabolism, but we don’t fully understand why that is on a cellular level” however she continued “ this study shows that burning brown fat and this lipid in particular likely play an important role.”


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